Chris daily – every day a new clip !

Chris daily

No matter if on nudist vacation, at home or on the way – I always have my mobile phone with me.

I’m about to upload a short clip every day.

At ” Chris-Daily ” you get to know every day something about what I am doing right now, about my nudist plans or about the most beautiful nudist places. I’ll give you some short impressions or I’ll tell you what’s close to my heart.
Here is the Link to my Channel : My daily channel

2 Responses to Chris daily – every day a new clip !

  1. lukasz says:

    Zeigen Sie im neuen Film, wie Sie als Sekretärin im Büro arbeiten

    • Willem oostdyck says:

      Wat leuk dat ik je hier ook vind!

      Ik zit in je lijst op ph

      Vrolijk kerstfeest chris!😙

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