On this page You will find lots of impressions of my travels. Look at the many videos and pictures. But You will also find pics from me beeing nude in the garden. If You want to see more, You can come into my private area and look at my very private pics. click on the banner to see more photos :

soccerwm420150Soccer WM 2014 – I watch TV nude in my garden
nude_bikingI tried it out – Biking without any clothes – a wonderful feeling
 walking nude in the rainI often do nude Walkings. This time it started to rain
 nude_stretchlimoI was invited to a Nudist-Party. Every Girl that dared to come nude from the beginning was taken at home by a Stretch-limo.
 nude_farmworkfor one day I worked in a farm. Of course I did it naked !
 public-pool_nudeno inhibitions – nude in the public pool
 nude_cabrio-tourin summer-times I often use my Cabrio. When the sun is shining I drive topless, sometimes I am completly nude  – no problem
 nude_railway-stationI was waiting for the Train, the wind was blowing strong, suddenly my robe was up and away…
 nude_jeep-tourI love these vehicles – follow me at my Jeep-tour
nudist-boat-tripa great adventure for me – each summer : doing a Nudist boat-trip
 scooter-girlWhen weather is fine, I do some trips with my scooter..
 sexy_octoberfestI like the munich-octoberfest. I had my very Special Outfit then..
 nude_bicycle-tourin my summer-Holidays I also do my bicycle-tours without clothes