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I will start for nudist-holidays 2020

Who would have thought it – nudist holidays are possible again At the weekend I start to the south of France, the suitcases are packed At the beginning of the year one did not believe in it anymore, but cautiously

Next sunday – join me taking new clips and galleries

From now on it will start again. I will shoot new clips and take picture galleries on Sunday. You are welcome to be there if you want to be an extra in my pictures or video. Play my boss when

Nudist-Pentecost weekend at home

Actually I wanted to be on a nudist holiday in Mallorca over Pentecost… But Corona also put a damper on that – anyway, the weather was good, so I decided to spend the whole Pentecost weekend naked at home I

Barbecue in your own garden instead of nudist vacation

To make the best out of these times – that’s probably the slogan for these times Well to the one who at least has a balcony or a garden and can stay there when the weather is fine Unlike our

What´s about our nudist-holidays in times of corona ?

There is great uncertainty at the moment. All booked nudist holidays are on the line. What should one do ? No one can say for sure at the moment whether holidays will still be possible this summer ? I could

Corona messes everything up

Every day there are new horror reports : the virus has us in full control Public life is completely collapsing and the Easter holiday is also cancelled In any case I follow the instructions of the authorities and avoid contact

The Corona Virus keeps everyone on the run

The Corona Virus keeps everyone on the run – Of course I am also affected by the current situation around the Corona Virus. I can hardly go outside. I have cancelled my holiday at Easter. I will make myself comfortable

Aida Canary islands 2020

Holidays with Aida are a very special holiday, also suitable for nudist friends. Where else would you be taken to many nudist destinations within a week and in between you can still enjoy the sun naked on the nudist deck

Who has information on nudist cruises ?

I’ve been thinking about joining the Big Nude Boat for a few years now. Meanwhile you can even book with Oböna and Miramare. In 2020 you are on the road for one week, in 2021 even 2 weeks. The whole

2020 is here – the new nudist decade


I hope you have welcomed the new decade – let it be a nudist decade ! If you read the relevant press, the opinions about the development of nudism are very different : some report that nudism is the trend

Short trip to France

fkk france

Together with my girl-friend “Denise” I was in France for a few days. I knew that this was not going to be a nudist beach holiday, the more surprised I was when it was 19 degrees on the second day.

Today is Santa Claus day

Today is December 6th, so Santa Claus I wonder if Santa Claus will bring me something. I have turned up my heating and I have stuck my Christmas tattoo on my mound of Venus. Now it can really start with

I’ve always been a “nudie”

I once rummaged through an old picture box It’s been a few years now. But back then I was already jumping around the construction site stark naked. The workmen never bothered my naked breasts or my butt. Of course it

I wanted to present my “OnlyFans – Nudechrissy” account

Please also have a look to my only-fans account. I started there some months ago with posting some stuff about my nude-lifestyle, but meanwhile it is a nice community there. The best thing is : I can post pussy-photos there,

It gets autumn in the nudist garden

Now it is so over with the naked sun in my nudist garden. Now we have to move the nudist activities slowly back inside. It will probably be the last time that I can walk almost naked through the garden

Back from New York

For 10 days long I did a cruise from New York to Canada. In New York I was two days long. I enjoyed it. Ok, this holidays had nothing to do with nudism, but I although wanted to tell You.