The only big Nudist Hotel in spain – “Vera Playa”


The hotel Vera Playa is situated on the end of the beach of Vera. The region around Vera is reachable in approx. 60min from the airport at Almeria. You find here about 10 km sandy beach. At the beginning of the sandy beach there is Garrucha, the place Vera is appropriate is approx. for 15min. (by means of passenger car) in the interior. West of Carrucha the place Mojacar lies. At the sea MojWith the Vera Playa concerns it a 4-Star-hotel. There are the single/double rooms, as well as studios and Suits. The single rooms all lie to the central court of the hotel, double rooms lie partly to the central court, otherwise to the western exterior with sea view. Studios lie both to the central court, and directly to the sea. The few Suites are at the hotel end with direct view of sea and beach. The hotel is calm because of the dead end. From the hotel you can go directly to the beach, no street, no promenade. The main street is in range of vision of the hotel, road noise is however not to be heard. vera6t
All rooms are air-conditioned, have additionally a cover fan, full elite television and a large round bath tub. With studios and Suits with sea view, is not this bath tub as Whirlpool directly at the balcony in the room with view of the sea. There are no keys for the rooms but only cards. This serves at the same time also as proof in the dining-room for half-board, to open the gate for the beach and in the room into a reader is, so that the river functions. It is to be asked therefore practically with the arrival for a second card, because if this is in the room into the reader, the air conditioning system runs also in absence.
The hotel has own discotheque large hotel bar (closes at 24:00h), (also at the main travel time very little visits!), own hairdresser (very low-priced approx.. 30-50% of the German prices), hotel laundry with handle service (who needs it, but quite inexpensive!) and particularly importantly: an ice machine. There you get ice for beverages, appropriate containers is free of charge available on each room. With some ice and the plastic waste-paper basket you can put on oneself very well a refrigerator around beverages to cool. vera3t
In the central court of the hotel is the large pool landscape. The use is limited to the time of 10:00h-20:00h, there far parts of the pool for floats is performed and only this time a lifeguard its service.
At the pool are sufficient leagues and sun screen. Unfortunately there are nevertheless always few guests, who reserve a couch nevertheless in the morning by towels. Weak-intimately, since you find always immediately free couches at noon around 15:00h. In addition a quantity of palms is vera15tapproximately planted around the pool, so that you also find there a shade place . For the couches you get by the hotel large blue bath-towels made available, these can be changed as required at any time at the rezeption approximately clean exchanges.
In the inner court of the hotel are in addition miniature-golf (9 courses, free of charge), children’s playground, boocie plants, shooting ranges (elbow-shoot, air pistol/rifle shooting) and table tennis plates (racquets and balls free of charge).acar Beach is, in the mountains with a wonderful view of the region the village Mojacar.

During the day there is from morning 10:30h an extensive animation program. Completely importantly: the animation is passive!!! Who would like goes through, who does not want can also unimpaired at the polling on the couch a book read. In the morning it always begins with Watergymnastik/ aerobic, afterwards Dart, elbow shooting, air rifle/pistol shooting, Volleyball, Aerobic, table tennis/mini gulf tournaments, boocie, Surf etc. follow. The offer changes nearly daily and is very extensive. Opposite the elevators an appropriate week plan with the clock times of all activities hangs.
vera8tThe evening animation begins at 19:00h with a special child program, the further program begins between 20:00h-20:30h one tries this program varied to arrange. We had to experience even the luck a Flamencoevening during our stay. The evening program ends however at the latest around 24:00h then is night rest, hotel bar closes and at the pool is forbidden the further stay!
An extensive breakfast-bueffet is ordered. Fruit, salad, special Diabtic erproducts, partial cakes and a very large selection of sausage and cheese of any kind are present. On the terrace a grill is opened, there gets in the morning one freshly prepared: Fried eggs, roasted bacon, scrambled eggs or Omelette.
Also this Bueffet is very extensive. Daily changing there are 3 warm soups, 4 warm supplements, 4 warm main courts, in addition a large offer to salads, fruit and the Andalusian specialities Gaspacho and Tortilla Espanol. In addition outside 2 grills are on the terrace. At one one gets daily changing 3 different meat places and vegetables grilled, at the other one daily changing 3 different fish places. At the Bueffet one avails oneself, which ordered courts at the grill becomes at the table served. Besides one keeps also outside still 4 different noodle sorts with 3 different sauces freshly prepared. Inside large desert-bueffet (Puding, cake and fruit, as well as an ice bar) and a Crepperie are in the diningroom
The meal is first-class, one takes well too without over the strands to strike.vera7t
The service during our stay was very good. Friendly personnel which partial however no German understands or speaks, for us no disadvantage, because one is as a guest abroad. At the rezeption perfectly German speaking personnel, who at any time with everything very helpfully being cleanliness plays a large role there, is however around the clock whether it is the hotel cleaning, room cleaning or cleaning of the central court. Even all pool couches are in the evening daily washed off.
Nudist extent:
In the hotel everybody is naked the whole day long . Only to the breakfast and starting from the dinner people are dressed, on the balconies or terraces of the rooms can you always be naked
On the beach you can go walk naked for more than 2 or 3 kilometers until you reach the textile range at Garrucha. In addition, there you can run at the water edge problem-free naked, without it would disturb. Since on several kilometers beside the hotel a nudist region is, where itself a quantity of private apartment plants you can run around there everywhere naked or go into one restaurants there present or the supermarkets. You can run thus some kilometers naked at the beach and in-turn there then into one the beach-bar, without having to carry itself forward something for tightening, since all nudist zone is. The range directly before the VP, where 3 restaurants, a tavern, a supermarket and a gift shop is is however textile.
Intimate shave is there at all no problem. With women the portion of the intimate-shaved was occasionally high with 50% quite however throughout! – with men the so for instance 1/3 during our stay. Who carries intimate decoration, stands anyway to it. Were not many, but nobody disturbs itself only in the smallest one to it.
… still a few references:
In the hotel you can do everything over the room calculation paid, needs to thus only sign and cash with itself to never have. The room calculation can with euro checks (!!!) or the credit cards visas, Eurocard and American express.
For a 4-Star-Hotel are very favorable the beverage prices (1l-Flasche mineral water approx. 3,20, beer starting from 2,10, Longdrinks starting from approx. 5. — and daily between 18:00h-19:00h Happy hour 1Getraenke pay 2 drink), except for Coca Cola, Fante and Sprite, these beverages are there however everywhere relatively expensive.
The supermarket present before the hotel is sorted sufficiently and the prices is under those with us. For self-supports the offer is however very scarcely, there should one then to the nearest large supermarkets drive. Who wants to get itself however as a hotelgast with food supply times a few beverages or sweets. But the supermarket is more than sufficient.
The trips offered by the tour operators are impudently expensive and for lack of participation at short notice again were often called off (with all agencies).Wenn one something of the partial area worth seeing to thus have would like to divide, at the best one with others a borrowing car. Then one should not underestimate however the large distances there. After Malaga one needs approx.. 3-1/2 hr. one 1/2-hr. drive on and one are in Marbella, to the duty-free purchase to Gibraltar drives one so approx.. 4-1/2 – 5 hr. (natural in each case per travel!). If it is however not so hot, as with our stay (each day at least 38Grad in the shade) inquiries of the beautiful Andalusiens offer themselves.
In for instance 1km distance at the gas station behind the camping site is an EC ATM machine, the way must one however dress and with the heat there down in the south of Spain. A further ATM machine is at the entrance of the nudist resort Vera Natura. One goes so approx. to 10min. at the beach along and then to the entrance of the nudist plant Vera Natura. Outside beside the supermarket entrance is an EC ATM machine, the way there can one also naked put back.

A 4-Star-Hotel, this concerns notices one also with the clothing regulation in the hotel. With dinner gentlemen may not in short trousers or sport clothing. One kept partly strictly, depends a little on which stands for waiters at the entrance of the diningroom. Which women tighten there are perfectly no matter, therefore one sees there already the shortest skirts and scarcest upper sections. Also the necessary safe, it is very expensive costs for 14days something over 60, — DM and must bar be paid immediately, does not go not on room calculation! The beach does not have by the way the typical sand on the Spanish mainland also comparably with the white propellant sugar beaches e.g. from Ibiza it is coarse-grained. Everyone it is cleaned tomorrow and through-sieved however on width by ca.10m at the waterline. The water is nearly everywhere flat drops, thus also well suitably for children. In several places also directly before the hotel one gets liable to pay the costs being because of the beach. This prices are however typically highly for meanwhile Spain, one pay for 2 sunbeds with a sun mushroom/screen dly. approx. 12. completely — DM besides gives it in the hotel also a Kids club, where parents can have cared for all day their children.

Disadvantages: Naturally there are also some disadvantages with all the good one and beautiful one there. The hotel lies very remotely. One does not have to reach the possibility the surrounding places for foot. A regular bus connection thus always does not exist, one must a taxi (this are quite low-priced!) or a borrowing car rent. That should take place however from Germany from first, because locally the borrowing cars are very expensive. bus comes twice weekly and drives one to the markets into Garrucha or Vera. The market in Garrucha is rather to the purchase of any clothing, Saturday in Vera a correct Spanish greener market. In front of the hotel 3 restaurants, which one does not have to take with the good hotel meal to requirement, are the meal are cheaply however nothing special. In addition is a nice restaurant, Broadway, one sits there there very well and the beverage prices is appropriate. The surrounding places Garrucha and Mojacar have also tourism, but are adjusted only to Spaniards. Who expects a vacation thus stopped to German tourism there in any way, better at home remain straight the place Vera should is unaffected worth seeing and purely Spanish by the tourism completely.

Summary: Who wants to recover correct in the vacation and let hotel-laterally spoil, a desire for German tourism, occasionally somewhat to otherwise however only ease want, for are the hotel Vera Playa do not work recommended in the best way. Also for the vacation with children, because it is a Nudist hotel, but no Swingerclub. Sex in the public? There to hardly practice, because in the hotel because of the children inappropriate and the beach is very long and from far clear, so that withdraw is there hardly possible, without exciting extreme attention. We would not try it out, which reactions come there then, it are evenly not Cap D Agde! Surely one will see also some women in somewhat horny clothing , but somehow nevertheless also nudism a little has to do with exhibitionism. To the public one must say that it is auch after exchange of experience with other guest outside of the German summer vacation time in the main in the pensionable age.