Mauritius travel report

My Travel Report from Mauritius

I have a long time wondered whether I should publish a travel report at my nudist website of my Mauritius trip, because “naturists” and “nudism” are in Mauritius foreign words – nevertheless, I would like to inform you about all my travel activities and at the same time wrong wishes the choice of destinations for naturist friends.

So if you’re planning a nudist holiday, Mauritius can is not the right location. But this is for an absolute naturist fan always the question: in how far I am willing to compromise. Naturally, naturism is usually only practiced in Europe. If I want to expand my travel horizon, I have to wear bikini again and again…

see through dress
nude butt at private pool
very small bikini

If I force naked bathing at the holiday resort, the well-known destinations remain in Spain, France, Greece, Holland or Denmark except for a few exceptions.

When my girl-friend “Melissa” suggested to travel to their home country, I was already aware that I had to keep the bikini on during the two weeks in Mauritius. But I had hoped, as we had booked a villa on a little private beach, I could be naked and in our private pool naked in the sun … .. But it happened different, later more.
My flight went from Amsterdam with intermediate landing in Istanbul to Mauritius. The flight with Turkish Airlines lasted a little over 12 hours, which I can recommend this airline. There was good service and great multimedia on each place. I never had boredom on the flight. So I arrived in the morning, totally broken at the new airport in Mauritius. Then the immigration formalities: you are asked what you want in Mauritius and where you are accommodated. Then there is a health check. Then pick up suitcases and you are there. Once you leave the airport, you are in another world. On the 1st-hour drive to the villa I got first impressions of the mixture of people on the island. You drive through streets with poor metal huts, but you also always see luxury villas behind the palm trees. You can see Hindu temples, not far from Islamic mosques and Christian churches. Here everything seems to live together peacefully.

Villa Mauritius
topless am strand
nude by the pool
big breasted lady

Our villa was a dream. Five bedrooms and 5 built bathrooms, large living room, kitchen. The pool was on the side facing away from the sea, the living room with garden was directly on the sea, with access to the private beach.

At first I wondered, why the pool was not on the sea. A little later I recognized the meaning: Most of the time there was a decent wind. He almost always came from the sea. To get windstill, you went behind the house and lay down at the pool.
The house had 2 maids and a gardener. Actually an ideal place for a 24-hour luxury – nude vacation …… but there was a construction site next to the house. From 8 o’clock in the morning there was operation. The roof has just been laid. The workers were thrilled when they saw Melissa and me in the pool or on the beach. We tried it once with “Topless”. The workers had fallen almost from the roof. Also, I’m not very experienced with house workers. Of course the beautiful and rich people will certainly be used to a lot. Although after getting up in the morning, I would have liked to have breakfast and swim a round in the pool, but nude. I have not done this with regard to their culture. There was then only the time between the end of the evening and the evening of the construction workers until the sunset, which was at 6:00 pm, ie 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm and Sunday. Well, so I had to arrange … .. not so easy, because I did not know at all. I did not take underwear with me on holidays, only a few mini bikinis, where only the most important parts covered and everything else must be tanned.

Our house was on the east coast of the island. There are mainly villas and a few luxury hotels. Here it is much quieter than on the west coast. There is Flic en Flacq. This is probably the most famous tourist area, as well as Gran Baye in the north. We have visited both. There are shops there, but no promenades or restaurant lines, as one from the Mediterranean area knows. In any case, the choice of restaurants is manageable, with every street called “restaurant”. Again, the difference between overpriced luxury stamps and very simple snacks is remarkable. Furthermore, the distances are considerable. Due to the rather bad roads, a journey time of 30 to 40 kilometers is necessary. There is also left-hand traffic in chaotic traffic conditions. For the German car driver, who is accustomed to driving at the traffic lights, driving in Mauritius is an adventure. We stayed most nights in our villa and fed ourselves by the barbecue.

string bikinis
nudism in Mauritius
nude pool
nipples not covered

The highlight of our holidays in Mauritius were the boat excursions. Twice we had booked for a whole day a speedboat with boat leader – “Mukesch”, that was the name, knows the best places on his island.

We were on great beaches, on a peninsula, dipped in the blue water, we stood in the warm water and drunk rum, and Mukesch grilled fish for us. This was great, just as one imagines vacation in paradise.
Of course the bikini was duty. Mukesch told us that he had already brought couples to a deserted island, where the could spend a few hours like Adam and Eve. He brings them back and takes them off after a certain time. In the meantime, only the dear God sees what is happening on the island. That would have been synonymous for me and my camera, but was very expensive.

If you come to Mauritius, you should book at Mukesch. You’ll find it on Facebook. (

During the boat excursion, I have also seen real dream beaches, while many beaches in Mauritius themselves tend to be only average. Through the wind, sea grass is always washed. Where it is not cleared away, it remains. So the beaches at the hotels are really great. At our house this was directed to the wind. In the first week we had a lot of dirt on our beach, it was not nice to go into the water. In the second week this was much better. By the way you do not have to worry about sharks or anything like that. Nearly all Mauritius is surrounded by a reef. So you never swim in the open sea, but in a large bathtub. On the Seyschellen, which are not so far away, the beaches should be better. In addition, the Mauritians use the public beaches on weekends themselves. There are celebrations, camped and grilled. There is no rest, and it is full.

My conclusion : Mauritius was a great experience in my life. The collected impressions I will never forget. Still, it is important to me to spend my vacation free, which means that I can at least naked on the beach.

You also know how I like to present my charms. This was also very limited in Mauritius. The long flight also frightens me. At the moment, I do not know if I’ll come back to the island. To be honest, there are also beaches in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands that are no less beautiful.

As always, you will find all the uncensored pictures and videos in full size under “Member”

nude butt on the beach