In February 2019 I dared an adventure : for the first time cruising with the new Aida Nova.

I was aware from the start that the ship was much bigger than all the others I had seen before. Traveling together with 6000 passengers was a whole new experience for me.

On February 20th it started. From Tenerife I first went to Fuerteventura, on the second day I was in Lanzarote, then on Gran Canaria, then I went on to Madeira and back to Tenerife.

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nudist hotspot maspalomas

Actually I wanted to spend a week in winter on the Canary Islands

But I couldn’t decide whether to go to Gran Canaria ( Advantage : official nudist beach, naked running through the dunes, in the evening what’s going on- Disadvantage : many people, not swimming so hard, 7 days always the same ), or to Fuerteventura ( Advantage : great dune beach in the north, lonely places for nude photos, super water – disadvantage : in the evening nothing going on, often very windy, long distances ) or to Lanzarote wanted. (Advantage : scenically varied, great beach in Playa Blanca – disadvantage : nudism, nudism only at one beach ). Since I couldn’t decide, I thought: I’ll do a little bit of everything. Then it goes again on the Aida. This time I wanted to try the big, new Aida Nova.
When I chose the cabin I enjoyed a little luxury. I chose a veranda cabin De Luxe with a large terrace. I thought I could sunbathe naked when the hustle and bustle became too big for me. But that was only possible to a limited extent, because the front area of my terrace was well visible from many other balconies.

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videos back from Maspalomas beach
video naked tits in Madeira

This time I focused on nudist videos during my trip. I have a new camera with Gimbal.

For those who don’t know it, you can create floating videos and great selfies with it. The camera can even 4K. I uploaded four videos here. Each video was made on a different day of the journey. The first video was shot in Fuerteventura, the second video was shot on the second day in Lanzarote. The 3rd video shows Maspalomas, the 4th video I made in Madeira. You know that I am very permissive and it is always difficult to distinguish between the pure “nudism”, my desire to be naked and FSK 18 material. The videos here are therefore censored and in a smaller resolution, the uncensored videos in HD quality are available after the age check.

turn off my shorts to walk with naked pussy

But now to my journey : My flight was late and so I arrived in Tenerife in the early evening. Thus it went directly on the ship. At 22:00 it was “Cast off” !

My first station was called “Fuerteventura” .

The rental car was already booked with Cicar. It started at 10:00 o’clock. I drove directly north. My destination were the dune beaches of Corralejo. I parked the car at the roadside and walked across the dunes towards the sea. With 22 degrees and bright sunshine it could be endured. Thus clothes from and sun enjoy.
The beach is the ideal nudist beach . The further away you are from the hotel, the more nudity you see.
Only the kiosk in the dunes, where you could have a cool beer or a snack between sunbathing, is no longer available. Other nudists told me that the small restaurant with the flag was no longer there since the beginning of 2019. After 3 hours I had had enough of the sun, then it went back. I had just stopped by the old town of Corralejo, then back to the ship.

The second day I was in Lanzarote.

Also here Cicar was again my choice for the rental car. For 55 Euro with Opel Mocca I went to Playa Blanca. I only wanted to go to the beach, the volcanic mountains I had already seen several times. After passing the checkpoint and paying 3.- Euro I went to the Papagayo-Beach. During the last visit I had already noticed that one should take the beach on the very left, next to the camping site. Everything is really nudist here. A great beach with many small niches in the rocks.
The surf was very high on this day, I only dared to go into the water with my feet. Also on this beach there is no food. You have to bring something to drink. The tide came closer and closer, I was afraid around 15:00 o’clock not to come back from the big bay anymore, because the waves were already beating sporadically up to the rocks. So I went back to the ship.

On the 3rd day we docked in Las Palmas.

In Gran Canaria there is only one thing for me: “The dunes of Maspalomas”.

A jeep from Cicar was waiting for me here as well. After 40 minutes I was in Playa del Ingles. From my vacation before I knew the free parking lot behind the hotel “Los Aquagates”, directly at the entrance.
to the dunes. From there with your backpack into the dunes. At 11 o’clock it was already 24 degrees. So we took off our clothes and went through the dunes to Kiok 4, at the nudist beach. Price for lying and umbrella still constant 7,50 Euro. You can’t complain about that. In between at kiosk 4 then naked a beer drunk and a baguette eaten. Here a fan from Tyrol approached me and gave me a beer. In the afternoon it was then 29 degrees, and this in February!
Also in Maspalomas was strong surf. The red flag was hoisted, swimming in the sea was not possible. At this beach section were 100% naked, except for the many beach hikers who pass the waterline. Around 15:00 o’clock it went then with large heat again back by the dunes. 30 minutes I tortured myself until I was back at the car. You don’t have to get dressed. This makes hiking much easier. After a short stop in Playa del Ingles at the beach promenade with the many shops we went back to the ship.

I had two days at sea, which I spent almost exclusively on my balcony or in the sauna.

I was in Funchal for the 5th time and had decided to visit the other side of the island this time as well. With the rental car we first went to Porto Moniz on the north coast. Here I shot breathtaking videos. There are natural pools at the sea. You can swim there. Unfortunately the whole place had an open-air swimming pool atmosphere. Swimsuit was announced. That was then nothing for me. It is worthwhile in any case to drive on Madeira one day with the car over the island. One sees great contrasts between forest, sea and mountains. But Madeira is not suitable for a nudist holiday at all. Nudist bathing is taboo on the few beaches.

Aida Nova, nudism and generally…

The ship was only put into service by the shipping company in December 2018. Of course, 6000 passengers are already a huge number. I went to the ship with mixed feelings.
Already at the check-in one noticed the difference to earlier Aida journeys. The friendly greeting was no longer there. The entire handling from the airport to the ship is meanwhile done by external forces and no longer by Aida employees.
The ship itself is great, the restaurants and the furnishings are very tasteful. My cabin was also more beautiful than the cabins on the ships I had visited before. But you have to queue everywhere. Whether at the elevator, at the restaurant, when getting on and off… the large number of passengers is noticeable here.
I was disappointed by the sauna area, which you meanwhile have to reserve and pay separately. One hardly finds a berth in the outside area of the sauna.
If one wants to go to the whirlpool after the sauna, one has to put on some bathing clothes. The nudist deck has become much smaller and has no whirlpools anymore. Thus, if it is very hot, one has to put on the bikini in order to cool down in order to get into the pool or the whirlpool.

The sauna is on deck 8, the nudist deck is on deck 18 !

FKKler have no lobby on this Aida ship. As generally the concept rather aims at families with children and young people. For a quiet holiday the Aida Nova is not recommended. There are many loud parties, a rockbox with deafeningly loud music, a disco, the cube, etc…
I also miss the outside decks in the stern area of the ship. Everything is fenced by high glass walls. Standing at the railing and sniffing the sea air is almost no longer possible, except on my own cabin balcony.

Conclusion : I had a great week, good luck with the weather, nudism only on my balcony, but except for 2 days at sea I was only on the beach. The Aida Nova is not a tip for nudist friends !

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