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Big tits in cabrio

Big Tits in cabrio – slowly the autumn comes. I drove my convertible last week probably for the last time before winter comes. My dress was cut in such a way that my big tits always fell out while driving.

My everyday-outfit when doing my housework

This is my everyday outfit when I clean my house and do my housework. The apron is useful and covers my pussy and nipples. So I can open the door when the doorbell rings. After all, I am not naked.

I love short skirts

In summer I like to wear short skirts. For me, skirts can’t be short enough. But then, since I never wear anything underneath, it’s a bit difficult to move around in everyday life. As a nudist, I don’t mind if

End of the season in Leucate / France

nudist-resort oasis

I have found for myself that it is more beneficial for my well-being if I take several small holidays instead of one very long one. That’s why I stayed at Oasis in July and will be back at the end

Nudist vacations – Oasis-resort summer 2021

This summer I am dividing my vacation in the South of France. I am now in the fourth week here and will travel home on Friday. But after three weeks of gardening, housework and office job, I’m going to the

Nudist-Finca Vacation 2021

After our finca vacation in 2020 had to be cancelled because of Corona, we were able to have a nudist vacation again in June 2021 on the finca in Mallorca that we already knew from previous years. A vacation in

New Fotos and Videos online now !

Now 250 photos from my finca vacation are already online. I have also uploaded the first video. Everything shows a relaxed nudist-lifestyle. All 8 people on the finca had previously determined that we would not wear clothes for 14 days.

The first 2 galleries of my Finca-Holidays online

Hello my Nudist-friends. I just put my first 2 galleries online. I was in Mallorca in june 2021. I rented a nudist-finca together with some friends. We were nude 24hours a day. I will tell You about my adventures and

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Hello my friends ! As my special fan You should know that I have an account at Onlyfans. I post new pictures and videos there several times a day. There is nothing hidden then. Breasts and pussy are open to

Finca Holidays in Mallorca

I was in Mallorca from 29th of may until 12th of june 2021. Together with some friends we rented the same finca like 3 years before. It was a “Nudist-Finca”, a house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with pool,

Ascension day – time for a short trip to France

I hadn’t expected this: in France, travel restrictions were relaxed for the French last week. Thousands of people took advantage of this to go to the Mediterranean over the long weekend. I wanted to go to the Oasis from Wednesday

Everything in pink ! – Fancy outfit in Fuerteventura

One day in Fuerteventura, I thought of something special: only pink legwarmers. In some newspaper I had seen a picture of a woman wearing striped cuffs on her arms and legs and a bikini. I didn’t have any striped cuffs,

5 new videos “Nudist Fuerteventura”

I was in Fuerteventura for 8 days in march/april 2021. Due to the Corona crisis, there were only a few tourists on the island. I could walk around naked everywhere. I almost always went naked on my tours of the

Uncensored galleries of Fuerteventura nudist

The first gallery with uncensored pictures from my Fuerte vacation 2021 are now online. I was almost only naked during the vacation week and made sure that you can always see my pussy well. Among other things, I have discovered

My new travel-report Fuerteventura

I just put online the new trip report from my naturist Easter trip to Fuerteventura. I’ve put a lot of pictures in it again. As always there are the uncensored pictures and videos after the age check. Click here for