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5 new videos “Nudist Fuerteventura”

I was in Fuerteventura for 8 days in march/april 2021. Due to the Corona crisis, there were only a few tourists on the island. I could walk around naked everywhere. I almost always went naked on my tours of the

My new travel-report Fuerteventura

I just put online the new trip report from my naturist Easter trip to Fuerteventura. I’ve put a lot of pictures in it again. As always there are the uncensored pictures and videos after the age check. Click here for

Nudist Holidays Fuerteventura 2021

fuerteventura nudist

Despite Mrs. Merkel and despite the pandemic, I dared and flew to Fuerteventura for 8 days. Although it is made very difficult for people at the moment to exercise your rights of freedom and to take responsibility for themselves, I

Escape from corona

Where can you go in Corona times anyway? What possibilities are there at the moment to go away? I took a look around and tried to find some “escape possibilities”. Please note that the situation can change at any time

Nudist France holidays safe and secure despite Corona ?

Nudist-holidays Oasis 2020

nudist-holidays 2020

After the borders to France were open again, I could now drive to my beloved “Oasis”. For 6 weeks I will be there this summer. The danger, which might exist in other holiday regions, to get infected with the virus,

My nude hikes in France

nude hiking

Whenever I am on holiday in France, I go for nude hiking in the Corbieres. This small mountain range can be reached in 30 minutes from the beach. I choose a route on the map before and start. In summer

Best wishes from nudist summer vacations 2020

Best wishes out of the sun – the nudist vacation has begun After 12 hours of driving it is finally done. Now only clothes off and off to the sea But you can already see that Corona has the holiday

Nudist holidays on the finca in mallorca must be cancelled

Normally I would have started on Saturday for 2 weeks on a Finca in Mallorca. The anticipation was so big ! Together with a few good friends we wanted to spend another 2 weeks nudist vacation on the great Finca

Aida Canary islands 2020

Holidays with Aida are a very special holiday, also suitable for nudist friends. Where else would you be taken to many nudist destinations within a week and in between you can still enjoy the sun naked on the nudist deck

Let´s start to the Canary Islands

At 07.30 o’clock, thus still before the storm my plane starts on the Canaries. Then the Aida will wait. The first day I will go directly after landing to Maspalomas and spend a day at the nudist beach and at

Back from New York

For 10 days long I did a cruise from New York to Canada. In New York I was two days long. I enjoyed it. Ok, this holidays had nothing to do with nudism, but I although wanted to tell You.

Now 4 uncensored nudist videos from Skiathos online

skiathos nudist

I have now put all videos of my holiday in Greece online ! The videos are very nice and in good quality. All are uncensored, nothing is hidden. You can find the videos after the age check at FKK-Member

Travel report – Nudism in Skiathos

Nudism in Skiathos is really a secret spot. There are many beaches for nude bathing, there is even the official nudist beach “Banana Beach”. I gathered all the information after a week of rushing all over the island and testing

Skiathos nudist – I returned yesterday

nudism in skiathos

Skiathos – a great destination with nudist opportunities Only last night I arrived back in Düsseldorf. For one week I have been searching the island Skiathos in the Aegean Sea for nudist possibilities. I will tell you more about it

Let’s go to Skiathos

I have learned to love Greece during the last years. After Kos, Crete and Zakynthos, I now want to try out a new Greek nudist destination “SKIATHOS”. For one week I’ll be roaming the small island exploring beaches and beautiful