Sexy forest promenade

Now in autumn I often go for a walk in the forest. I love nature!

I bought myself a new lat skirt.

At these temperatures I have to put on a transparent shirt underneath. In summer I can go without it. I took some pictures of my walk. You will see them after the registration at “Nudist-Member”.

2 Responses to Sexy forest promenade

  1. Sd33 says:

    Tu et magnifique j’adore ma chérie

  2. Bobby Blair says:

    *  I’m a romantic and I enjoy expressing myself with words. That shows in my poetry. I believe I’m more of what’s thought of traditionally as effeminate than most women in today’s society. Even as a young boy I always played with the girls and couldn’t stand boys. That’s where I get into thinking that I’m a lesbian in a mans body. I’ve learned the hard way not to express that to any man. Inevitably they pop off with “Yeah I eat pussy” I’m lesbian too” it’s not right, it is painful to be dismissed like I’m a joke. I know that was forward and direct. I don’t mean to offend you.❤My ideal date for us would be us alone together in a secluded place. Beside a small brook running down from a small waterfall as we silently hold hands watchin the sunset. Soft music playing, a light dinner and candle light. Then sit and share everything about ourselves with one another. Talking all night long falling deeper and deeper in love. As the sun comes over the horizon we reach for eachother and begin to kiss, softly, gently, as our passion burns we make love in the morning sun then lay there just hearing the melody of love in our hearts listening to the birds serenade our new found romance ❤

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