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Nudist-Pentecost weekend at home

Actually I wanted to be on a nudist holiday in Mallorca over Pentecost… But Corona also put a damper on that – anyway, the weather was good, so I decided to spend the whole Pentecost weekend naked at home I

Cabrio Tour instead of Corona-Frust

There is no point sitting at home and mourning that the next nudist holiday is still soooo far away. In any case, I will not plan anything until the borders are open and there are no more restrictions in the

Barbecue in your own garden instead of nudist vacation

To make the best out of these times – that’s probably the slogan for these times Well to the one who at least has a balcony or a garden and can stay there when the weather is fine Unlike our

I always do my housework naked

I always do my housework naked. Now and then I wear a black or white apron. Pussy and ass must be naked… new gallery and video

The Christmas tree is decorated

The Christmas-tree is up ! A Christmas tree must be simple ! I love to dig out my tree decorations, hang baubles and lights on the real tree A few days before Christmas I always turn on my oven, take

Today is Santa Claus day

Today is December 6th, so Santa Claus I wonder if Santa Claus will bring me something. I have turned up my heating and I have stuck my Christmas tattoo on my mound of Venus. Now it can really start with

I’ve always been a “nudie”

I once rummaged through an old picture box It’s been a few years now. But back then I was already jumping around the construction site stark naked. The workmen never bothered my naked breasts or my butt. Of course it

Sexy forest promenade

Now in autumn I often go for a walk in the forest. I love nature! I bought myself a new lat skirt. At these temperatures I have to put on a transparent shirt underneath. In summer I can go without

FKK Inside – Naked at the fireplace

When the foliage falls outside and the temperatures become single-digit, the nudist experiences have to be moved to the inside. I then always like to lie naked on my stove. I make it really cuddly warm. With a glass of

I am always nude in my nudist-garden

I stick with it : Except shoes and gloves I do not put on in my garden. With my new lawn tractor I can mow the lawn wonderfully. This works very well naked and is great fun. I recorded a

The last days in my nudist-garden

This weekend it will be warm again. I will definitely enjoy the last warm sunrays for this year in my nudist garden. In the garden I have hung up a new swing. This could be my new favourite place.

Naked in the mud

nude in the dirt

I have tried it in autumn : In a small pool in the garden I made a mud bath from dirt and water. Completely naked I rolled in it until the dirt was everywhere. That was an exciting experience. You

6 new videos online

nude biking-tour

Hello my friends, I put online 6 new videos for You ! It’s always a bit difficult to shoot new videos for you in winter-time. When it’ cold, i can’t run with naked pussy through the countryside. Anyway, i uploaded

Santa loves snow

During the night some snow has fallen. I am totally excited and I must go out into my garden. I love to be outside in the cold fresh air with naked boobs. Did You ever feel the cold snow at

Visiting an erotic Christmas-market

Last weekend there was an erotic Christmas market in Herne. The Joyclub had invited to this event. Together with a girlfriend I went there. Under the coat we had dressed sexy according to the occasion. I planned to walk almost

Summer is over now

Summer is finally over. like to remember the warm season when I could enjoy my nudist-pool. I picked out some pictures of the nude-pool for you. From now on in the member area. Here is the link to my Member-Show