nudism declines in the canary islands ?

In the week of easter I was in Fuerteventura. That was certainly my fifth or sixth visit to Fuerte, but certainly more than 20 times I was on the Canary Islands in total.

I have never seen so few nudists as this year

No matter if in Fuerte, in Lanzarote, in Gran Canaria, on La Palma….everywhere I have enjoyed nude bathing and lying naked in the sun in the past. It was just usual, and you didn’t have to worry about it. Especially on Fuerteventura, the long beaches are nevertheless a byword for nude bathing….roughly estimated, only 10% of the people were nudists. At the dune beach of Corralejo, where otherwise far from the hotels no one wears a bikini or swimming trunks, were few nudists.
On the beaches in the south, where I could usually make long naked beach walks….once in a while you saw a brave woman without a bikini ( including me ) What’s going on there ?
My hotel owner told me about the first years when she came to the island. There one did not dare to wear a bathing suit. Now it is rather the other way around. However, the actual nudist season is supposed to go from September to February of the year. In the meantime, many people from Spain are on the road, so nudism is not so common. It may also be that because of the pandemic many normal nudist tourists do not take a vacation. In any case, I think the development is very sad.
Again and again I read posts in some forums where people get upset that older people do nudism and walk around naked on the beach. As if nudity is reserved only for the beautiful and young people….. This is an outrage.
There are simply no more tolerant people than nudists. It is often the textile people who do not tolerate peaceful coexistence on the beach. The nudist looks for a place on the beach, far from the nearest hotel to nude bathing or goes directly to the official- or unofficial nudist beach. He respects the rules. The textiler goes to the beach areas where it is generally known that there is nude bathing, then he complains about the naked people.

I observed a family walking on the beach of Fuerte. There was a couple with about 10 year old boy. When the couple came to my directioning on the beach, where besides me there were some nudists, the boy refused to go on and kept on whining to the parents until the family turned and ran back. What kind of upbringing is that. This fits with the saying “there are children on the beach too”. Do we have to protect children from nudity ?

In any case, we should oppose this development. I am curious how it will be on the beach during my next visit, perhaps in the “nudist season”.

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  1. Iain reid says:

    Hello Chrissy,

    children naturally don’t think anything of nudity, it is adults who teach them that it is ‘wrong’ or ‘not nice’. There is still a very puritan view with so many people that genitals or even breasts must be covered in public places.

    Very sad.

  2. Lars says:

    Well, what an interesting read!
    I get naked, nevertheless – one of the things I like about the Canaries. You can get naked if you want to.
    Thanks for posting – love your attitude and what you do for naked living!

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