Nudist Holidays Fuerteventura 2021

fuerteventura nudist

Despite Mrs. Merkel and despite the pandemic, I dared and flew to Fuerteventura for 8 days.

Although it is made very difficult for people at the moment to exercise your rights of freedom and to take responsibility for themselves, I flew on vacation. I think everyone has to decide for themselves.

Who is afraid, I would have brought the virus from Fuerteventura, I can only laugh,…. because the incidence is much lower there than here,…. because I was tested before the outbound flight and before the return flight,…. because in Spain are partly stricter hygiene rules than in Germany,…. because you are safer in Fuerte than in German cities. So much space on the beach you have nowhere else.

I will write a detailed report about my naturist vacation in Fuerteventura 2021 in the next few days

topless in fuerteventura

One Response to Nudist Holidays Fuerteventura 2021

  1. Lars says:

    Wow! I thought about traveling to Fuerte over Easter, too.
    I would have loved to have my testicles hang free in the sun….
    But the travel restrictions prevented me 🙁
    I wish I had come and met you! x x x

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