My visit to the Cap d´Agde – Criticism

On June 16, 2018 I was in the cap d´Agde for another day.

To tell You first, I think this was my last visit for a long time.

Together with a friend I left our resort to spend the late afternoon and evening in CDA. It was 27 degrees and we had only put on a transparent dress for the 60 km. You could see the nipples under our clothes, when we bent down, our buttocks were free. At the entrance to the CDA we first had to buy our day ticket. There we were actually “slackened” by an angry security force at the pedestrian gate. My girlfriend should get properly dressed. After all, there would be children here. I guess we didn’t understand the world any more, because 5 meters further, behind the gate,
they’re all running around naked anyway. What’s the difference? My girlfriend had to wait in the car until I had bought the 20 Euro day ticket.cap d´agde

Meanwhile you have to present an ID card for every person in the car. What the hell is this? I don’t want to visit the White House, I just want to spend a day in a leisure facility. I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration.

All right, we’ll have the car through the barrier and parked. Then quickly the clothes from and in the direction of the shopping street. The next surprise awaited us: We now headed naked in the direction of the harbour. And I wondered if I was in the right place. Nobody was naked but us. Everyone who came towards us was completely dressed. We felt really weird. Only as we continued towards the beach, the first naked people ran towards us. But even here they were still in the minority.
We then went to a bar on the beach line and had a few drinks there. The prices are of course much too high, but I already know that from the Cap. Then we continued through the shops back to the car. There we put on our evening clothes and went to dinner. Again, the prices are not in proportion to the quality of the food.

After and after you saw the party people swarming out.

We were going to Melrose after dinner, but there were still empty. When we wanted to go to the bar next door, we were first asked if we had made a reservation. Of course we didn’t. We were directed to the counter. But we didn’t like it after looking at the drinks menu. That’s why we left again.
Somehow we lost our desire. Of course I wanted to show my girlfriend the hustle and bustle at Melrose. But we didn’t want to spend another 2 hours in another bar and again many Euros for two drinks. We then decided to go home.

On the way back I thought about it:
What has the whole circus in the Cap d´Agde actually still to do with nudism? Nothing, really.
The idea of nudism plays a role in the campsite, if you take the campsite out, it doesn’t matter at all. The Cap d´Agde is actually a heavily overpriced amusement park on a nudist beach. Somehow I always get the impression lately that I’m being ripped off and ripped off. Sure, the beach is very nice….but that was it. The operation in CDA is very superficial:it’s all about seeing and being seen. Everyone pretends to be rich and horny. Maybe it’s because I’ve been here so many times, but for me the magic of CDA is over. It’s important to me to be naked as much as possible. You didn’t see that at all in the evening. Of course I like the somewhat more frivolous nudism and I am not averse to the sexual component of nudism, only Cap d´Agde has not much to do with it for me anymore. If this continues, in a few years really normal people will no longer be able to afford a holiday there.

agde Nudist

8 Responses to My visit to the Cap d´Agde – Criticism

  1. Tom Cornell says:

    Swingers ruin everything they touch. They are focused only on one thing: hooking up. They follow the same ritual everywhere and it is very boring and tiresome!

  2. Jan and Gary says:

    Dear Chrissy:

    We agree with you fully. We were there in 2015 as our first time. We were aware that besides being a virtual naked city,
    it is at times wild with overt sexuality that seems to over power and be at the point of constant awareness by people there.
    We are an open minded couple but appreciate the sincerity that exudes in nudists, generally. We did have a nice time while there
    but will likely not return. We agree prices and quality of food are not in line.

    Jan&Gary ☀️❤️

  3. thank to oppurtunity

  4. Laeti & Manu says:

    Dear Chrissy,
    We are totally agree with you. cap d’Agde is becoming a Sex Luna Park where tourist have to spend money… Why ?
    Beacause every year there are more people ceoming from alle Europe… who wants sex…
    yes, we love diner with all girls in very sexy dresses… but we don’t love new prices in restaurant (waiki).
    That’s why next year we’re preparing a trip in nudist ilsand ann a “swinger” hotel in France.
    We will nude all time (excpet for diner) et we’will able to make love arond the swimming pool…

    Perharp’s could you came with your girl friend the same week (we can tell you all about this swinger hotel).

    We hope our english is enough good…


    Laeti & Manu

    • Michael says:

      Id like to know the name of the hotel too. CDA was Very Nice
      Past years, but hearing what you dat, i wonder If we go again…

  5. Micko says:

    I totally agree with your comments Chrissy. I was there at the end of May and my experience of CDA was similar to yours.

  6. Joy boy says:

    I went to CDA 40 Years ago.
    It was a nice place to live complètement nake.
    I hear that now it’s a very expensive place and the only attraction is sex…
    It’s a pitty…

  7. lukasz says:

    bybeing naked is a sin, Chrissy will change her life until it is too late

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