Mauritius, I am coming !

My trip will start today. I will go to Mauritius for 2 weeks.

Together with my girl-friend “Melissa” we will look for nice places to be nude. We will not disturb anybody but there is nothing better to be without bikini on the beaches. We also have our pool at the rented house where we can enjoy sun without spectators.
Of course I will contanct You on twitter and send some nice photos. We will take a lot of videos and galleries to show You after our return…

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  1. James Delgado says:

    Hey Chrissy

    Am also planning to visit Mauritius, most probably in December when winter hits us in Europe. My wife and I stumbled upon your page. We’re casual nudists and are mostly used to the Canary Islands and the Southern French coast but would like to know if nudity is allowed, if anything, on the island.

    Cheers and best regards

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