Cap d´Agde report 2017

nude in Cap d´agde

I was in Cap d´Agde again. For three days I visited the biggest nudist-resort of the world.

I tell You about my impressions and I show new photos and videos of my stay. I hope You will commend my report, so we could get a discussion about Cap d´Agde.
Here You can find the 2017 Cap d´Agde report !

3 Responses to Cap d´Agde report 2017

  1. Agnar says:

    I love Your naked style!

  2. Troy and Tiffanie says:

    We almost went there last week but went to Amsterdam instead. We do want to go one day though. In your opinion, which is the best hotel to stay at as far as cleanliness and being close to all of the fun activities?

    • chris says:

      I like most the hotel Eve. It is behind the little habour. It is not far from the activities but You cannot hear the load music from the activities. For me it is perfect. It is expensive but the other ones are much more expensive.

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