Cap d’agde 2017 – a new attempt

At every time I was there, I said, “This does not have to be again” – but I will come back next year!

I’ve talked so often about cap d’agde, about the largest nudist resort, probably of the whole world, I’ve talked about the architectural sins, the high prices and the same daily routines in the bars and piggy bank. But somehow it always goes there again and again. During a longer stay in the naturist resort Oasis (60 km away) I wanted to dare for 3 days again CDA. So I had booked the hotel Eve before.

always nude in the nudist-resort
IN a nudist-resort one is always completly nude
nude walk in the streets

Even before the trip, you should think about what is in the suitcase.

To do this in advance: any underwear, any form of bikini or bathing suit, all strings can stay at home, the woman definitely does not need them. If the weather report is good, you really do not need anything, except a cloth for the sitting. If desired, the ladies wear sexy outfits in the evening. You have to think the other way round: if you want to cover your breasts at home, it is important in CDA to cover everything, but to present breasts and shame. In CDA it is always about

See and be seen.

Everything is totally superficial. A whole world is presented, everyone is generous and well-to-do, although some people do not know how to compensate for the overdue bank account. This is, of course, the business model of gastronomy in the complex. There is a strong impact here, because no one says that it is too expensive. The three-day stay in CDA with food and drinks cost just 800 euros. Then everyone must know for themselves whether it is worth or not.

Nacktwanderung am FKK-Strand
Topless at the pool of hotel EVE

Access to the car park costs in 2017, 18 euros for the day ticket. Then to the hotel, clothes off and up to the beach.

The way from the hotel leads through the shop lines and then past the beach, to the Schweinchenstrand. According to the feeling, there was less going on here. Lunch a salad in one of the beach restaurants, then back to the hotel. Fresh and naked and on heels for shopping. This time I had temporarily a very short skirt, which showed more than it hid. Afterwards I moved again and went to the food and on the slopes. From the restaurant the frivolous activity is observed. My former headquarters, the meeting place for all free people, the “Melrose” was only very little visited. There was also nothing to do at 23:00 clock. Otherwise, at this time the highlight of the trip was when the holidaymakers danced on the tables, naked and gave deep insights

There is a lot of change in the CDA.

In many places is built and the one or other place has been extended and renovated. The rooms at Hotel Eve are now more modern. On the last day I had discovered the “Kamasutra”. It is located wherever the swimming pool was. You pay entrance and can relax the whole day by the pool. Drinks are partly inclusive and sex is allowed. I did not try to see if I was the only woman. Perhaps someone has already experienced and can report. I do not always want to report negative about CDA. After all, it also exerts a magical attraction on me. Certainly, the initial stimulus has vanished. Through my many experiences over the years, I am hardly a stranger. I used to have my mouth open when I first saw public sex on the Schweinchenstrand. For many, the appeal is still there, each one must decide for himself and consider whether the CDA experience is still worth the price.

We will get a little discussion here afterwards. I would appreciate your comment and will definitely answer.

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