How Chris changed my Nudist approach

DSC_2460p My name is Xarry and I am from China and I am going to write about how Nudechrissy(Chris Koch) changed my perception towards nudity. Chris is a pure nudist whose teaching makes you believe being nude is the best thing in the world.
Chris is an amazing person, not just by body but by heart as well. Few years back I was extremely shy to confront nudity but now after constantly following Chris; I can honestly say I practice nudity whenever possible. I have been following Chris for the last 14 months and that has really changed my approach and thinking about nudism. Initially I did not like the idea of being nude but now I practice and embrace nudism like anything in the world
Chris has guided me whenever I needed her, she helped me and guided and cleared the concept of nudism for me. Being a nudist means you can live your life freely without being bound by clothes.
I hope people around the world practice nudism and join her lifestyle in a generous way

I was conscious about my body and when I went to any nudist beach, people gave me a feeling that my Penis is small and other conventional things. What Chris taught me is you just need to be yourself and embrace nudity to feel the best and enjoy life in a natural way

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  1. Like me to lick your clit??!

  2. I love woman nons as long they are naked!!?
    Show us the clit, Ghissy, it is lovely!

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