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Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

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She often does nude hikes in nature.

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Nude-pool Enjoying late summer

relaxing at nude-pool

The first part of the summer was not really good here, but now we have sun, sun ,sun. It is really great to enjoy the sun in my nude-pool I uses my pool chair to relax in my pool. I

New Cap d´Agde report 2016

cap d´agde 2016_1

I visited Cap d´Agde in august 2016 for only one day during my summer-holidays in Leucate. I visited the “schweinchenstrand” and I did a walk completly nude in the shopping malls. Here You can find the complete report with some

Nude swing


In my garden I installed my old swing. I like it to swing nude ion the sun. I did a nice video of me, swinging nude and upload it to my member-section.

Best wishes from Oasis nudist-resort


Like every year I spend my summer-holidays in the Oasis nudist-resort, in Leucate / France. I am now here since 4 weeks and I will stay for another 2. It is so wonderfull. I must not wear anything, staying nude

Nudist breakfast with girl-friend


My girl-friend “Melissa” visited me for a nudist breakfast. She also like to be nude like me. So we did a nudist breakfast. Just when Melissa arrived, she put her clothes off. I myself I am always nude at home,

All Zakynthos-Galleries online now


I have uploaded more galleries of my nudist-holidays in Greece from may 2016. You can enjoy now all the beach- and cruising galleries. I was nude as often as it was possible. But also outside the beaches I often sat

New Nudist-Videos online


Hey my Nudist-friends, I have just uploaded 3 new Videos in the member-zone. The Videos were taken in may during my Nudist-Holidays in Greece. You can see my open pussy and my big boobs on the beaches.

My new Promotion Video


I add a new Promotion-Video for Nudechrissy. You can watch short scenes from all my Nudist-Videos.

Soccer Championship Fan


At the Moment there is a great Event in Europe : the Soccer Championship. I am fan of the german Team and I watch every match on TV. I do this with my Girl-friend Melissa or alone in my garden.

My new trip-report Zakynthos will come soon


I’m working diligently on the new trip report on the Greek island “Zakynthos”. I think that I can present the detailed report next week. Some facts already once before: I was even more naked than when the first few times

Back from Greece


Hello to all my Nudist-fiends; I am back from my week in Zakynthos/Greece. I had some luck with the weather so I could be nude very often there. Of course I will Show You a lot of Fotos and Videos

Best wishes from Greece


You know, I am in Greece again. The wether is good and I can enjoy beaches. Of course I do this nude. Next sunday I will Return and I will bring with me hundreds of Nudist-Pics and Videos .

Naked Training in the gym


I decided to do some more sports. I asked a trainer to give me some advices during my training. But when I started my training in the gym my trainer didn´t like my outfit. He said that this was too

Galleries of Nudist-Holidays Maspalomas online


My Nudist-friends, all my galleries and Videos of my Nudist-Holidays in march are online now. I was nude whenever it was possible, never ashamed to Show my smooth pussy and my boobs. Have a view to my walks in the

Help me choosing my Outfit for the may-party


Tomorrow the big Party will start. I will Dance into may. It is a frivolous Party and I am not sure which Outfit I shoud wear. So I tried out different Outfits and I ask You to give a commend,

Jeep-trip in Gran Canaria


During my Holidays in march in Maspalomas / Gran Canaria I did another Jeep-trip. I only wear a Shirt but no panties and no bras. Everybody could see my boobs. There are lots of Pictures and two Videos of my