She love her fans

Nudechrissy sometimes meets her fans. You can always talk to her and ask for a phote when You see her.

She is never ashamed

Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

She never wears panties and bras

She doos not matter if everybody van see her naked ass und her short skirts

Nude in nature

She often does nude hikes in nature.

Nudechrissy presents everything You want

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Chris never needs any bikini

In nature Chris never needs any bikini

She loves to show her goodies in public

She often flashes her breast in public


Another way to celebrate Halloween

This year I was not at a revealing Halloween party like in the years before. You know that I loveto go to a proper party with a horror costume that does not hide anything. As a show-off naturist I have

My Nudist travel-report of Crete is ready

I worked quickly this time. My nudist-travel report about my nudist-holidays in crete is ready and online now. I tell You something about the best beaches and I give a report about the Vritomartis nudist-hotel in Chora Sfakia. You can

I am back from Crete

I came back from Crete on Saturday. It was great! Nice weather and extensive naturist possibilities. I will finish my new travel report about Crete in the coming days and will also write a report about the naturist hotel “Vritomartis”.

Starting to crete now

I will go to Crete / Greece for a nudist-holiday. My flight will start on Saturday from Brussel to Chania. I booked for the Vritomartis nudist-hotel in the South of Crete. The weather conditions seem to become good, so I

Naked hiking- and climbing tour

naked climbing hiking

Every year I go on holidays to the South of France A naked climbing- and hiking tour belongs to the obligatory program In the Corbieres, there are many gorges that invite you to a hiking and climbing tour. When I

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pussy in public

Why are the people so excited when you show your pussy in public. It’s a normal body. I think nothing about it and find it normal. I never wear underpants and love the fresh air all over my body. At

Shopping trip without panties

Yesterday I was once again in the nearby city of Venlo for shopping. The city was very busy because of the summer holidays. It was warm in the course of the day. When I left at home, it was still

Diving exercises in the pool

Snorkeling is a great thing. It appeals to me to look at the great underwater world. In the pool on Mauritius I have practiced only once before I dare in the open sea. Snorkel and diving goggles must be sitting

Cap d´Agde report 2017

nude in Cap d´agde

I was in Cap d´Agde again. For three days I visited the biggest nudist-resort of the world. I tell You about my impressions and I show new photos and videos of my stay. I hope You will commend my report,

Nudist Lanzarote 2017

During my cruise at the Canaries I was on one day in Lanzarote. Before I had planned what I wanted to see. With the rental car we went first to the nudist settlement “Charco del Palo”, then to the nudist

My summer in Leucate

oasis nudist-resort

Best wishes from my summer in South france. For two weeks I am back in my beloved southern France. Again, the naturist facility “Oasis” is my second home. Since Friday afternoon I am here and I did not even need

Greetings from Cap d´Agde

cap d´agde

I am in Cap d’Agde at the moment and I send greetings to you. Of course, I enjoy the frivolous life here, but am also frightened by the ever-increasing prices. Who can pay those prices? I will tell you next

I am cover-girl of Cap d´Agde online newspaper


Please have a look to the online-newspaper “Agdepravation”. I am the june – cover girl. You also will find an interview of me and lots of information about the nudist-resort. I will be in Cap d´Agde from 7th – 9th

Now my Mauritius-report is online !

nude in Mauritius

Hello my friends, I worked day and night to get ready with my Mauritius travel-report. I put some sexy photos into the report. You can find the complete gallery in the Member-section. Here is the link to the report

Mauritius – dream holidays – but not for nudists

Mauritius holidays

Mauritius is really a great island ! Anyone traveling to Mauritius dives into another world. Here Africans, Muslims, Hindus and Christians live together peacefully. All the people are friendly. There is a total contrast between poverty and absolute wealth. There

Mauritius, I am coming !

My trip will start today. I will go to Mauritius for 2 weeks. Together with my girl-friend “Melissa” we will look for nice places to be nude. We will not disturb anybody but there is nothing better to be without