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She is never ashamed

Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

She never wears panties and bras

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Nude in nature

She often does nude hikes in nature.

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Chris never needs any bikini

In nature Chris never needs any bikini

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Back from New York

For 10 days long I did a cruise from New York to Canada. In New York I was two days long. I enjoyed it. Ok, this holidays had nothing to do with nudism, but I although wanted to tell You.

I am always nude in my nudist-garden

I stick with it : Except shoes and gloves I do not put on in my garden. With my new lawn tractor I can mow the lawn wonderfully. This works very well naked and is great fun. I recorded a

The last days in my nudist-garden

This weekend it will be warm again. I will definitely enjoy the last warm sunrays for this year in my nudist garden. In the garden I have hung up a new swing. This could be my new favourite place.

Locomotives – first gallery online

My day at the locomotive cemetery seems to have caused you great enthusiasm. Over and over again I am asked, when the nudist-fotos finally go online. I hurried. The first gallery with nude pictures can now be seen in the

Naked between old locomotives

I have to admit, after my summer vacation I made myself a bit scarce, but now I want to step on the gas ! Together with other photo fans I had rented the area of a locomotive museum for erotic

Nude sports and fitness – pussy-sports

Fitness is very important to me I prefer to do it naked.- . I work out regularly in my garden or run through the fields in the morning. I prefer to train without panties on. I would also like to

Now 4 uncensored nudist videos from Skiathos online

skiathos nudist

I have now put all videos of my holiday in Greece online ! The videos are very nice and in good quality. All are uncensored, nothing is hidden. You can find the videos after the age check at FKK-Member

Bug with nudist images fixed

Due to a technical error on the website, nothing was displayed in the free picture gallery anymore. I only noticed this now. I fixed the bug and installed a new software. Gradually I will extend the gallery, so that you

Travel report – Nudism in Skiathos

Nudism in Skiathos is really a secret spot. There are many beaches for nude bathing, there is even the official nudist beach “Banana Beach”. I gathered all the information after a week of rushing all over the island and testing

Skiathos nudist – I returned yesterday

nudism in skiathos

Skiathos – a great destination with nudist opportunities Only last night I arrived back in Düsseldorf. For one week I have been searching the island Skiathos in the Aegean Sea for nudist possibilities. I will tell you more about it

Let’s go to Skiathos

I have learned to love Greece during the last years. After Kos, Crete and Zakynthos, I now want to try out a new Greek nudist destination “SKIATHOS”. For one week I’ll be roaming the small island exploring beaches and beautiful

Pre-tanning for the next naturist holiday

The next week will start ! Greece I’m coming. This time it will go to Skiathos. Skiathos is known for its great nudist beaches. I will rent a quad bike and explore all the beaches. After that there will be

Good Morning from the South of France


Good morning from the South of France – As you may have noticed, Easter was bad weather all over the Mediterranean. While in Germany there was nudist weather with 26 degrees, here in southern France it was 14 degrees and

Cruising with Aida Nova

Dear nudist friends, from 20 to 27 February 2019 I was on the Canary Islands with Aida Nova. I have already made this cruise several times, but this time it started together with 6000 other passengers. My stations were Fuerteventura,

Naked at carnival

naked carnival

Actually I didn’t want to go to carnival this year. So I hadn’t even taken care of a costume for the party days. But then an invitation came spontaneously to a nice party. What to do ? With the unusual

Starting for a cruise next week

Next week I will start again for a cruise to the Canary Islands. Then there will be many new nudist impressions. I will be in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. In Fuerte I will drive to the beaches of Corralejo,