She love her fans

Nudechrissy sometimes meets her fans. You can always talk to her and ask for a phote when You see her.

She is never ashamed

Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

She never wears panties and bras

She doos not matter if everybody van see her naked ass und her short skirts

Nude in nature

She often does nude hikes in nature.

Nudechrissy presents everything You want

Follow Nudechrissy and learn something about her Nudist-Lifestyle

Chris never needs any bikini

In nature Chris never needs any bikini

She loves to show her goodies in public

She often flashes her breast in public


Waiting for the first snow

nude in snow

Now I am waiting for the snow – snow rarely falls in my region. Then I have to drive to the nearby Eifel. I find it exciting to walk around naked in the snow. I promise you to post hot

Summer is over now

Summer is finally over. like to remember the warm season when I could enjoy my nudist-pool. I picked out some pictures of the nude-pool for you. From now on in the member area. Here is the link to my Member-Show

Naked Bike Ride Brighton

by James Brighton UK – Naked Bike Ride < The photos were taken in Brighton East Sussex by the naturist beach after the World Naked Bike Ride in Brighton. I have taken part in several World Naked Bike Rides in

My Halloween-Party

You know I like to dress up for Halloween. Every year I come up with a new, but frivolous costume. This time I celebrated privately with friends. The costumes were very revealing as well. We sang karaoke and had a

Zakynthos 2018 – New travel-report

zakynthos nudist

My newest travel-report with lots of fotos is online now. I was there in october 2018. I am shocked when I hear today that an earthquake took place last night ! You can find my report here.

Zakynthos for the 4th time

I just love this little island “Zakynthos”. The people are very hospitable and nice, the food is very tasty, there are great beaches and… there is Dionysos and its very special beach. I was on Zakynthos again for one week

what to do when the car breaks down ?

Car breakdown at 30 degrees heat In the Corbieres, in France with the car on the way. It is summer and over 30 degrees. I am on my way to a great waterfall. My outfit is tighter and tighter. But

Where to go to the beach


Actually the nudist beach should be directly behind the trees. I have already taken off my clothes and have only run off with my swim ring. Unfortunately I didn’t find the beach. For quite a while I walked with naked

visiting a pier – upskirt fotos


In France there are many such piers. You can walk over them into the sea and have a great view of the beaches. There are always a lot of people going on on this bridge. I was just wearing my

My fans’ dream pictures: String bikini


Normally I am always completely naked on the beach or in the nudist area. I never wear underwear and I don’t like strings. I prefer my pussy free, even under my skirt. But this time I put on a string

Impressions from the nudist resort


The Oasis in the south of France is still my favourite nudist area. In contrast to Cap d´Agde you can relax here and let your soul hang completely naked, without thinking about whether you have the right jewellery on at

2 new videos online – Nudist-Finca


My naked weeks on the nudist finca. In May I was on the nudist finca in Mallorca. Of course, many videos were made there. You’ve already seen a few of them. Here I present you the next two videos now.

At my nude-pool

At the moment my favourite place is my nudist pool. Where else you can enjoy the sun and jump into the cool water. Of course there are also many “many motives for hot nudist pictures and videos. I have uploaded

In between I have to work

office job

My office job isn’t that hard! I am allowed to work in a revealing office outfit Naturally I often go on vacation. Of course I don’t work 40 hours a week, otherwise I couldn’t afford the many time-outs. Many people

Naked quad tour

naked quad-tour

During my holiday in Mallorca I rented a quad with friends for one day. I wanted to ride my quad completly naked. That’s what I did – it was a great adventure for me. When the airstream cools my naked

Nudist-summer is here !


The nudist-summer is finally here ! We always wanted it. I’m remebering last year’s crying. Now it’s here, the century nudist summer. In the last 6 weeks only sun, sun, sun and temperatures around 30 degrees. For us nudist lovers