Zakynthos Greece Nudist 2018

Mallorca Finca Nudist

Mauritius 2017

Oasis Nudist-resort March 2017

Maspalomas 2016

Halloween 2015

Zakynthos Holidays 2015

Düsseldorf Flasher

My Relaxing nude-pool

Holidays at easter 2015 in a Nudist-Resort

My nude start at the airport

Easter Holidays in France 2014
I am in the Oasis Nudist-resort again

Mallorca Trip in October 2013
I like the nudist-beaches in Mallorca

Summer Holidays in Oasis 2013
Like every summer I spend three weeks in the Nudist-resort

Naked ride to a canola-field
The weather was cold, but I want to show You the nice yellow fields around my hometown

Another shopping-tour near Perpignan
I was on shopping-tour whithout many clothes on

Naked under my coat
Im apreparing the viodeos of my shopping-tours

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Nude shopping
In a nudist-resort people go for shopping without clothes

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By stretch-limo to the nudist-party
Only completly nude girls was picked up by the limousine

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FKK Nudist Isabellagrient Roermond
One day I visited that official nudist-resort

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Nude Romping in the sea
Much fun with my girl-friend on nudist-beach in Mallorca

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Malorca 2012
5 days in Mallorca without panties with 30 degrees

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Soccer Championchip
A nudist-girl has a special outfit for watching TV

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Nude in public swimming-pool
I tried out to go to a public pool without any swimsuite.

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Fuerteventura 2012
Also in 2012 I visited fuerteventura and the lovely beaches.

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Fuerteventura 2011

I love fuerteventura and the lovely beaches. But for me the best is that I need no clothes there. You can walk completly naked along the beach-line

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At my nude-pool
Each summer I enjoy my nude pool in my garden. Its the best place to relax

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At the old Railway-station
I found this old railway-station and took some pics

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Cap d´Agde nudist-resort
Every year I visit the nudist-resort Cap d´Agde in South france. Its a nude town. I love it.

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Nudist-Party 2012
My first Party was held on 24th of march

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25 Responses to Gallery-Preview

  1. caner says:

    mrb ben web sitenizi yeni buldum teşekkür ederim gerçekten çok biligelendirici eğlengeli zevkli bir site çok tatlısınız

  2. john says:

    Sexiest hottest babe ever!!!!!

  3. michael hudson says:

    You women are lucky. You can get away with wearing no pants and enjoy the freedom of revealing yourselves. If us male nudists revealed ourselves, we’d be branded as poofters or perverts.

    • chris says:

      Yes Michael, You are right. This is life !
      But I love it ! lol

      • sagzz says:

        hi chrissy ,

        you have an amazing attitude , very nice figure and even u write really nicely !
        but why do u keep ur pussy always shaved ?
        not even 1 pic unshaven !
        a bit of hair is a definite turn on !

  4. Elke says:

    Hi Chris, macht einfach an deine Bilder zu sehen. Gehen in einer Woche auch nach Südfrankreich, mal schauen wie es wird:)) Gruss Elke

  5. TV says:

    Awesome beauty…thanks for these!

  6. Lexs says:

    Sexy body and great attitude

  7. maprao says:

    beautiful…..thanks a lot

  8. kerry69 says:

    Yes! There nothing better looking than a clean shaved nice pussy! It smells and taste better than a hairy smelly and gross looking bushy pussy! Thanks you Chrissy for shaving your great looking pussy! K.

  9. Christian says:

    Hallo Chriss,guten Tag gewünscht aus Luxemburg.
    Ich habe mir deine neuesten Fotos angesehen. Ganz erotisch. Danke auf für deine letzte Mail betreffend meinen Fragen zum FKK und Intimrasur.Dein komplett rasierter Intimbereich steht dir gut und zeigt auch deine Intimschmuck gut. Du hast mir geschrieben dass du im Sommer wieder ein Rasurvideo im Garten machen willst. Wirst du die Schamhaare vorher wieder wachsen lassen ehe du das Video machst?
    In einer Fotoserie mit deiner Freundin habe ich geshen dass diese auch blank rasiert ist. Wurde sie extra kahl geschoren für die Fotos ?
    Danke für deine Antowrt im voraus.
    Liebe Grüsse,

  10. James Terakazis says:

    Love the shaved pussy…

  11. jaumee says:

    hy chris!
    i love your shaved pussy… is it possible to eat it for a fan? 😛

  12. Agnar Paul Jackson says:

    See you later Aligator!!?

  13. Show us all, we love it!!

  14. Con says:

    Sexy hot body girlfriend is hot too

  15. Toparo says:

    Hallo Chrissy,

    Auser Cap d’Agde wo in Sud-Europa sind die beste, grösste und schönste Nacktstranden und kann mann sich ganz frei fühlen?

    • chris says:

      Hallo Toparo,
      es gibt viele Nacktstrände in Südeuropa. In Cap d´Agde ist alles auf Äusserlichkeiten und Sex ausgelegt. Eine richtige Erholung ist das eigentlich nicht. Man muss immer gestylt sein und gut aussehen. Nach ein paar Tagen Cap d´Agde brauche ich Urlaub. Man findet eigentlich fast überall schöne Strände, wo man nackt baden kann. Mir gefällt es auf Mallorca ganz gut. Dort gibt es ja auch ein FKK-Hotel, wo man relaxen kann. Ich selbst fahre oft in die FKK-Anlage Oasis in Südfrankreich. Diese ist ca. 60 km vom Cap d´Agde entfernt. Man wohnt direkt am Strand und kann 24Stunden lang nackt sein, ohne irgendwelche Zwänge.

  16. Yan says:

    Hi Chris,
    Your pics are really amazing, saw that you visited many places including mauritius recently. Sad that you could not enjoy 100% nudity here in mauritius as it’s forbidden. If ever you come back, contact me, i can take you to interesting places on the island to take pics.

    • chris says:

      Oh Yes Yan, I will do so. Someone offered me to bring me on a small lonely Island whre I could spend a day completly naked.

  17. felie says:

    You have a lot of nice picture.
    But i like you information about nude beach.
    My wife and me have been nude for some year and love it. We have been at Costa natura and Vera playa in Spain. At Rhodos and Crete in Greece. Ans some place in Norway.
    In June we go to west crete and looking for some nude beach bit i is not easy to find in east of Crete. if someone can tell me wher i find good nude beach on east Crete i will like it.
    I love your web page and store it for later.

  18. Paul says:

    Hello Chris,
    I would like to know if you plan to come to Buenos Aires Argentina some day? …the summer here is on June— there are no nudist beaches…i wish that for you…but there are many places in capital for tourists and tango for example… there are many street market on San Telmo for tourists maybe you can walk whithout panty for example with more discretion so that people do not realize … it would be interesting funny … … you will like to make flashes there or hotels … ha … !! I hope you can answer me. Greetings.

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