For one week we went to Mallorca in October.

When I selected the trip, I knew that in October in Mallorca can be bad luck with the weather.

But in this case, however, many other things can be done and if there is always a lack of weather, I have chosen the Balearic Island. After only two hours of flight you are finally at the finish line.

brasless in Mallorca
topless in Mallorca

The most popular flight from Brussels Charleroi to Mallorca was with Ryanair.

I like to fly with Ryanair, you have to book the luggage additionally, but this you have to do with many other airlines meanwhilee, but the plane is almost on time. Even before the trip I had rread a lot on the Internet researched and many negative experiences reports. In some allegedly low-priced vendors, the switch in Mallorca is often pulled over the table, because expensive additional insurances or high deposits are due. I had for this reason for a small rental on the spot decided and can recommend this to you. I booked through the internet at As agreed, an employee with a sign in his hand arrived on arrival and gave me the car. I paid the agreed rental price in cash, no deposit or anything else. Comprehensive insurance without self-participation. That worked out well.
My hotel was in the north again. You know I prefer Can Picafort. There you can sit beautifully on the promenade in the evening and watch the beer or wine. On the other hand you are in 10 minutes in Son Serra, on my favorite nudist beach. Every evening I went to Can Picafort and ate at the different restaurants. On the third night I discovered the restaurant “La Pinta”. The La PInta is located on the pedestrian street leading from the beach promenade towards the main road. Afterwards I was there on three evenings for the food and can only recommend this restaurant.
But of course I was not only to eat in Mallorca. The weather was not ideal, but I was almost every day, at least for one or two days at the beach. I spent most of my sun hours on the beach of Son Serra. Going from Can Picafort towards Cala Ratjada, after 9 km turn left towards Son Serra de Marina. Then go straight on towards the sea and turn right at the last possibility. Then go straight ahead to the parking lot with two restaurants. Then along the beach to the right. After 100 meters you can undress.

nudist-beach in Mallorca

The beach had been affected by the bad weather. The sand was washed away in some places up to the dunes. Nevertheless, I have been allowed to spend a couple of great hours here. You should be careful. After I had laid down on the beach, this guy on the picture had just laid 10 meters from me in a dump in the dunes. Apparently, he has made videos of me and other people on the beach with his mobile phone. He could not be driven out either. I have rarely seen anything so dreary. So beware of this guy!
To the clothes question: during the day you could walk around freely, in the evening I had to coat a jacket.

Es Trenc nudist-beach
nudist-beaches Mallorca

Of course it is also worth a visit to the Es Trenc beach in the south. Cala Ratjada is a 45 minute drive away. Parking is still very expensive, but unfortunately the Caribbean feel was missing on the beach. There were high waves, I had never seen before. As always, the textile laid the front of the Es Trenc (official nudist beach), where the sun loungers are. A little farther away it was then mixed, where also the textile was in the excess. That did not bother me, I had no bikini with it. On the second day of my stay there was no beach weather at all. Then I went to Arenal and at Ballermann. I was at the famous Ballermann 6 and the Bierkönig. There, Olli P. just appeared. I enjoyed that.


in summary, a trip to Mallorca is always worth.

I particularly like the short flight time and the pleasant prices. Because of the fact that many other holiday destinations have disappeared, it is on Mallorca, of course, more full than before. You can go anywhere free, nudist is possible on almost every beach, if you do not just at the hotel beach. I was traveling with my friend Melissa. Mallorca is so versatile: if you can not go to the beach, you go shopping in Palma or the ballermann. You can go hiking or biking, everything your heart desires.

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nudist-beach mallorca
big boobs in Mallorca

Beware of this spanner with video camera in the dunes