Some Tips for people who comes first time to Cap d´Agdecap agde_schweinchenstrand

In the Cap one is actually naked in principle all day long over completely, if the weather permits it. In the last years one sees always frequent people, which become encrusted when buying and when moving by the plant to something. The majority of the holiday-makers follows however the far FKK-thought. At the beach one does not see trunks. In the evening many people dress themselves frivolous. In the restaurants and bars one sees completely naked people then only isolated.

There is each kind of clubs in the Cap d´Agde. From the swingerclub into also individual gentlemen to go can do over the couple club, over the Disco up to the tavern with Gogo Dancing is present everything. To the individual clubs experience you learn more on my special side to the different clubs. Only as much – the Swingerclubs are not for everyone taste and is not compare with German swingerclubs. It concerns here really only one. Usually it is very dark. One must be hardsimmered already something, in order to feel there well.

In the Cap one finds nearly each kind of business. Of the supermarket over the butcher up to the baker. There are a Sexshop and numerous mode fashion shops.
Here one findsthe most failed clothes, real, if also not completely cheap. Which is demonstrated can buy in the evening one during the day. The condoms are offered beside the food. This is completely normal in the Cap.

Frivolous going out
Most people drive exactly therefore to the Cap d´Agde – because of the possibility their inclinations here to realize. Frivolous going out in the evening is here usual. The ladies carry net dresses without underwear, lacquer and leather, dessous and open bras or also once only one wear belly chain and boots. – Simply everything is allowed. The gentlemen hold back themselves there usually. In the majority sportly clothed ( Jeans and shirt ) are announced. Isolated one is the men also in Club-outfit. Thus your suitcase can be packed meagerly. Thick clothes can leave you at home. Packs your most generous part in.

nearly everywhere one can pay with usual credit cards. Attention in the beach bar above the “schweinchenstrand”. They accept only cash. There are several ATM machines in the resort.

Intimate shave
Smoothly and blank is complete “inn” In the last years the number of the people, which are shaved, increased constantly. I estimate the portion of the completely brightly shaved people in the Cap on over 80 per cent. Women with full hair splendour are noticeable and are to be  hardly still seen.

Children and yound people
One can be here split opinion. I personally would spend no vacation with children in the Cap. The beach is beautiful and drops flat. One would have to be on the camping site and to avoid the range of the actual Caps in the evening. I think that for children the walk in the evening is not possible.I did not see many children also except at the beach. That may be in the main season much different. Most people drive evently because of the sexual liberality to Cap d´Agde. With children I would drive 45 minutes further to the Oasis, to the Aphrodite or into the neighbouring Serignan. In any case ones one should avoid it to undertake with the children a beach walk beyond the beach restaurant lying above.

Like in many places in the south of france the criminality is quite high also in the Cap. Housing departures and theft from vehicles is at the agenda. That cannot prevent also the security agency in the plant. One must pay attention already quite well to its valuable articles it applies, the safe in the apartment uses, no valuable articles in the car leaves.

In principle one should be always naked in an FKK plant, if it permits the weather. One can do that in the Cap d´Agde also. One goes nake into the supermarket, runs naked by the roads and the curchase passages and goes during the day also completely naked into the bars and restaurants. In the evening it was however meanwhile in-patriated that most people tighten somewhat. The naked ones are then in the minority.

Who has a piercing, no thoughts must make themselves over it whether he can carry it in the Cap. The portion on the pierced people continues to increase always. One sees all kinds of piercings, also very many intimate piercings.

The Schweinchenstrand lies if one looks on the sea to the left, approx. 500 meters from the actual plant removes. One recognizes it completely easily. If one goes at the sea along : the people lie together there completely closely. At the Schweinchenstrand there are sexual activities of any kind.

Tension adjuster
Tension adjusters are pervasive in the plant. That comes probably by the multiplicity of the single gentlemen those on the way is. At the beach one on 30 – 40 such spectators must count, if one becomes active. If one goes as a woman into directly behind the schweinchenstrand the dunes, one immediately pursued by a herd of such gentlemen, whom expect, to the course coming. A woman goes into the dunes is considered this as invitation for a gentleman. One sees more frequently pairs, also many older pairs, which go into the dunes and several younger gentlemen there into activities to include. For my taste there are too many tension adjusters. The number seems to rise still further.