Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas 2016

At the end of February / beginning of March I was in Gran Canaria after several years of absence again . This time the weather was a bit mixed, windy at 20-22 degrees. But even then you can endure it well on the beach. The most important change: There are no signs on the beach “FKK” more. Everyone is free to do what he wants. As soon as one has left the zones Maspalomas on the one- and leave Playa del Ingles on the other side, you can drop all cases andwalk on the beach naked and go into the dunes

Maspalomas / Playa del Ingles is the place for a permissive holiday. There is a great swingers and a huge gay scene. Both groups carry their “beliefs” openly displayed so that the audience at many flashy outfits and a lot of bare skin appears normal. Nobody got upset when I ran the only woman naked to the beach and it obviously bothered anybody else when I was naked between the hordes of dressed beach walkers. Sheer blouses and skirts that reveal the views of the bare buttocks, attract here not tempers. At this season, the average age in Maspalomas was very high, it is different at other times . So smoothly and tanless brown because I walked back from the Riu Palace from every day for half an hour to the beach through the dunes and a half hours back completly naked.Here you will be tanned most evenly.

Of course, I did trips with a rental car and I spent time at the hotel’s nudist rooftop terrace. To this end, I have created own galleries for you. The highlight are the great dunes. To get to the beach, one has to pass through, because there is no trappings. By car it takes not approach nearer, there is always a decent walk. For people who have trouble walking, this beach is not suitable. But the naked hike through the dunes is an experience!

My hotel was the IFA Catarina . This hotel I canrecommend you not only because of nudist rooftop terrace. The location is a compromise. Man goes to the beginning of the dunes about 200 meters and can run from there stark naked to the beach. In the Evening you go 300 meters to the entertainment center CITA with Bar Street about 300 meters, to SANDIA has about 600 meters. So all distances that are feasible. The hotel is clean, the breakfast is good, what more could you want.
By the way, I would not rent a car, this is not worthwhile. On the one hand we find difficult parking. They are all chargeable. Secondly, the taxi driver is really cheap compared to Germany.
As mentioned before you have to walk a lot on this holiday. I’ve also been told that we can be naked as nudists everywhere in the dunes and it does not bother anyone. But You have to take a backpack. This facilitates the stay tremendously and is practical. The beach is at Hotel Rio Palace and right through it.Now clothes out and always follow the path of the piles. The piles have above a red border. The first time I made ​​the mistake and straight running toward the beach. This path was then twice as long. I had to climb over perceived 20 high sand dunes and arrived at the Kiosk7. At this place, the gay scene meets. It is located next to Playa del Ingles. If you follow the piles however described, to get straight to kiosk4. This is where the nudist people. Incidentally, it is also naked at the bar there and ordered his beer without swimsuit.
Immediately behind the Bude4 (Kiosk4) begins the so-called swingers oasis. Here takes place sexual activities intended as any in Cap d’Agde to nothing. Who is as happy woman likes to be surrounded by groups of men who find in this section dunes safe place.

Only at the beachline you have to pass through the hordes of hiking Textil people. So head up and through. Also from nude-on-beach-walking did not stop me. It is allowed, even if you are one of the few who enjoy one of the most beautiful things in the world: a nudist beach walk!
I was enjoyed on the right pleasant pricesin the restaurant business. Even at the Kiosk4, on the beach of Maspalomasa chilled bottle of water costs only 1.50 euros. But I do not drag this with the supermarket from. Also in the evening to keep prices under. I was several times in my favorite steak-house “Moreno” to eat. Here you pay 12 euros for a rump steak with mushrooms. That was so large that I did not make it. My evenings I either in the feasible , in Cita or in Sweet Moments spent in Sandia. From the previously acclaimed Bude4 bar I was disappointed. About my gastronomic recommendations you can but here read more.
A trip to Mogan can I still recommend you. It is worth about 20 km from small town to visit with many bridges.

In summary, I can say: Maspalomas / Playa del Ingles is an ideal destination for nudists, if one is willing to make marches. If one does not want or can, be cared for here is not good. I felt comfortable, because it happens very generous and tolerant. To my travel time the evenings were still quite cool, but I was assured that in summer and autumn evenings very little wardrobe is announced. If then times out flashes breasts or a rock not covered everything, that’s no problem. I’ll definitely be back!
I havenot even require a bikini all the time, accordingly liberally my pictures have become. The complete gallery with all uncensored shots there at the private pictures