At one day of my cruise I made a stop at Lanzarote.

The ship layed in the port of Arecife. The rental car was already booked from home, so I could start after breakfast. A booking in advance is mandatory. People who did not have reservations did not get a rental car. The whole was done with the company “Cicar”, which I can only recommend.
My car was a blue jeep with only a few kilometers. The route I had chosen before. Since I already knew the volcanic landscape around the Timanfaya National Park from earlier stays at Lanzarote, I wanted to go to the naturist resort Charco del Palo and to the Papagayo beaches.

At first we went to the naturist camp Charco del Palo.

I had already read about it and wanted to get a picture of myself. The journey from the port did not take very long, about 30 minutes. You have to pay close attention to the signs that point the way to the very remote area. The word “resort” is actually wrong. In fact, Charco del Palo is a settlement. Along the rocky coast, a road runs several hundred meters long with some secondary roads. There are usually white bungalows. In this settlement one moves mainly naked. People ran uninhibited, naked across the street, The only way to bathe in the sea is at the end of the settlement. It consists of a natural rock basin with connection to the sea. Round terraces are terraced. I have imagined the whole bigger. I have heard that many naturists love this place. For me that would not be a possible holiday destination, I need the beach. It is a very lonely place. Without a car one is squirted.

After a few photos went on, because my time was limited, at 18:00 I had to be back on the ship. The drive to Playa Blanca takes a while.

Papagayo beaches are just under 60 minutes away.

In order to get to the beaches, the “entrance fee” has to be paid at the entrance, then you can choose a beach. Last time I was on one of the further right beaches. There FKK was possible, but there were also many textiles. This time, I took the left hand. From the large parking lot I went left. Do not take the road to the campsite, but the one on the right. After 5 minutes you are at the bright sandy beach. The beach is not crowded and almost 90% of the visitors were naked. Unfortunately, it started to rain after I reached the beach. Schttenplätze is not there. You have to bring a parasol.

One must already like the landscape of Lanzarote. At first you find everything bare and desolate. On closer inspection, one begins to love the contrast between the blue sea and the red rock in the sun.

I drove with my jeep for half an hour, shivering through the lonely volcanic landscape, before heading back to the port.

In summary, you can say that Lanzarote is definitely a possible nudist destination.

You should book an accommodation near the Papagayo beaches, in Playa Blanca. A rental car is required. For someone who is looking for seclusion and peace, Charco del Palo is an alternative.
As always you can find the uncensored pictures from Lanzarote in the member-section