Nudity is a Challenge in winter

I love being nude but staying without clothes can be intimidating in winter season especially when the temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius. Nudists all over the world love to stay clothes free but the real test gets to you when you are staying in countries like the United Kingdom,France, Italy and Canada on the new year’s eve and you want to celebrate Christmas by doffing your clothes. It can be a challenge, but determined nudists stay nude whatsoever.nudechrissy06

One Response to Nudity is a Challenge in winter

  1. nik says:

    Like you Chrissy I love being nude all of the time too. Winter can be a challenge but if you keep active while nude it helps to keep you warm, even better if you keep active with nude friends!!:) I’d love to be nude with you and help keep you warm!!:) Maybe we could do a nude photo session together to show your fans how we can keep each other warm and naked in winter?

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