Help me choosing my Outfit for the may-party

Tomorrow the big Party will start. I will Dance into may. It is a frivolous Party and I am not sure which Outfit I shoud wear. So I tried out different Outfits and I ask You to give a commend, which You like most. This one I will wear then. I will take some selfies during the Party. My favourite is the one with the pink head on. I like to be nude, You know that. But some People say, that it is exciting to hide the most importand Party of woman´s Body. I don´t know what to do.

10 Responses to Help me choosing my Outfit for the may-party

  1. arman says:

    in my opinion compelet nudity is the best!
    becouse we born naked beautiful.

  2. Charlie says:

    Are we going to see a video of you at the event?

  3. Jon Crocker says:

    I like the black net top with Mimi skirt

  4. Agnar says:

    Your tie should be longer, just at the top of the Pussy. Allvays show the pussy, it is sexy and bautiful!!

  5. Barry Moore says:

    Hi C,
    I like them all, however hat & tie is my favorite 🙂

    Do you sometime travel abroad outside Europe, for example the US.

    Best regards
    Barry Moore
    from Norway

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