“Dionysos-Place” – tip for insider

zakynthos2015_dionysosplaceThat was a great story: I went on the 2nd day of my Greek holiday at the Dafni-Beach. As always, I went towards the sea seen to the left along the beach. Unfortunately, the beach had changed. The day before, a storm had been, the wind had pushed the water to the beach. The nice rocky coves were unreachable at the moment. On the beach there are several tavernas offering free sunbeds. When passing on the last tavern, tavern you can to not really say more “cottage” , I have noticed a couple that was apparently unclothed on the sun loungers. They lay at the very end of this section, a bit hidden. But I was not quite sure. When I was but reached the end of the walk the beach and found that it was not possible to continue my walk, I decided to settle down there with the supposedly naked. I walked the few steps up to the square with the chairs and just wanted to leave my beach bag, as an elderly man approached me. Started himself as “Dionysos”. He said that this was his place here. He would be very sorry, but if I wanted to be here, I had to undress. This space is reserved for nudists. I thought I heard wrong and asked: “Just for nudists?” The man did not know what favor he had done me so. He could not believe his eyes, how fast I stripped my thin dress and was naked before him. Now I was able to settle down. From that moment I had found my favorite place for vacation. Dionysos is not intrusive, you get to drink, if you ask for it and it fetches. There is beer and wine and even cocktails. After the first inspection, I really wanted to eat there anything did, but then let me convince you of the many others who raved about his cooking skills. There was grilled sardines and clams … just great. And all you could enjoy naked, all day long. Dionysos is very friendly and nice. He is happy if you do some conversation with him during the day . The man can tell a lot. A small road leads to his place. You can park the car and take off immediately. If your go there, tell him greetings from Chris! A few pictures I’ve attached, the full report and all photos will be soon at www.nudistparadies.com.









5 Responses to “Dionysos-Place” – tip for insider

  1. isaac says:

    South America, Peru. 2015, nov, 18. Good day Miss Chris. Sensational history with Dionysos gentleman.

  2. Love to see your eyes and pussy together, you have beautyfull eyes!! I hate your sunglases, they ar fancy, but I hate them!
    I will see your eyes!!!

  3. Akis says:

    Fantastic place!!!After request to Dionysos,you can stay there during the night,in one of his hand made huts!!!
    Fantastic place!!!

  4. how I wish I were at the beach with you and accept your invitation. believe me, I am already very wet. says:

    did you have any sex during your stay.

  5. how I wish I were at the beach with you and accept your invitation. believe me, I am already very wet. says:

    wow, having a wonderful time. How I wish I were with both naked

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