Corona messes everything up

Every day there are new horror reports : the virus has us in full control

Public life is completely collapsing and the Easter holiday is also cancelled

In any case I follow the instructions of the authorities and avoid contact as far as possible. It will probably be the first time in many years that I do not go to Leucate for Easter holiday. But what the heck – there will be many more vacations. A difficult time for all nudist friends. I still have the great advantage of having a large garden. When it is slowly getting warmer now, I can indulge my passion there again?

In any case : be careful and stay healthy !

2 Responses to Corona messes everything up

  1. Dana Baldwin says:

    Yes, Coroniavirus mess! In Seattle, Washington USA. SeaTac Airport closed! Many different all airports closed in Washington state. I stayed in Seattle, where I lived. Many restaurants closed! Few restaurants open for takeout. McDonald’s closed, expect window order. Public bus open and fare free, rule do not enter front door, only center door and rear door. Many public peoples around walked, shopped groceries. All bars closed! All libraries closed.

  2. Isaac says:

    Südamerika, Peru.22. März. Guten Morgen Miss Chris. Das Koronavirus wird bald kontrolliert. Wissenschaftler untersuchen. Sei jetzt zu Hause und bete zu Gott. Jesus offenbarte, dass Gott Liebe ist. Vielen Dank, schöne FKK-Kaiserin.

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