Back from Greece

Hello to all my Nudist-fiends;

I am back from my week in Zakynthos/Greece. I had some luck with the weather so I could be nude very often there.
Of course I will Show You a lot of Fotos and Videos very soon. At the Moment I am busy to look and work with all the material. I took about 800 Fotos and three hours of Videos. There are lots of Nudist-beach impressions, but also nude-in-public stuff. Of course I did a nude trip with a rented boat and many shoots with my white Jeep. Pleasehave some Patient until You can see all my new material in my member-section of






3 Responses to Back from Greece

  1. Eddie says:

    Hi Chrissy, Thanks for your reply if I find Dionysos will definitely give him your regards. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Eddie says:

    Hi Chrissy, where in Zakinthos did you stay, going on September and staying at the panorama hotel xx

    • chris says:

      Hi Eddie,
      I stayed in Laganas, once in “Mediteranean Beach” once in “Best Western”. The Panorama Hotel should be nice. It is Close to the beaches of Dafni and Gerkas.
      Please visit Dionysos and tell him my best wishes. It is the Nudist beach, just on the left when You go to Dafni.

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