I will start for nudist-holidays 2020

Who would have thought it – nudist holidays are possible again

At the weekend I start to the south of France, the suitcases are packed

At the beginning of the year one did not believe in it anymore, but cautiously travelling to the one or other holiday destination becomes possible again. Personally, I would be very reluctant to travel by plane, but since I’m going by car, I can go home at any time, if the corona situation gets worse again. Of course, my nudist vacation will be different than in the years before. I will limit myself to relaxing, sunbathing and small naked hikes; I will not take trips to Spain this year. In any case, my suitcase is packed and soon I will start !

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  1. lukasz says:

    watch out the virus will not end you never know if someone is sick
    be careful and don’t be in the crowd

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