Nudist-Finca Vacation 2021

After our finca vacation in 2020 had to be cancelled because of Corona, we were able to have a nudist vacation again in June 2021 on the finca in Mallorca that we already knew from previous years.

A vacation in a finca has many advantages : The biggest advantage I see is that you have an absolutely informal daily routine. You decide when you want to eat, when the grill is turned on. You don’t have to dress up or get dressed for breakfast. You can crawl out of bed and just jump into the pool as you are. A disadvantage is perhaps that you need a rental car and always have to drive, whether to the beach or in the evening to the restaurant or bar.

With us, these questions were settled beforehand. We had agreed on “total nudism”. This meant that no one should wear clothes on the finca and everyone wanted to be naked all the time if possible.

With our finca, the location was very nice. The finca was located near Manacor, lonely and on a huge property. You could walk naked around the finca, harvest vegetables in the garden, etc. The farmer who drove by now and then with the tractor did not mind. I have the nakedness 14 days consistently pulled through, only on a few cool evenings a shirt was thrown over.

From our finca it was a 20 minute drive to Son Serra beach. This year I was not there that often. Often I decided to just stay by the pool and enjoy the day there. But when we did go to the beach with a few people, the women dressed very scantily. A scarf or a skimpy bikini was enough. Actually, you could have gotten into the car completely naked at the finca and gone directly to the nudist beach at the parking lot. This would not have bothered anyone. Mostly, however, after the beach still a cool beer was drunk in the bar there or a salad eaten….also you had to then but etas over.

From my point of view, there is hardly a more relaxed vacation than the one on a finca…..provided that the group harmonizes to some extent. Of course, not everyone in the group has to do the same thing, but there should be a certain harmony. Otherwise the finca evenings will be too boring.

I was now for the 2nd time on this finca. It is furnished in traditional style and not luxurious. At the beginning I was totally enthusiastic about the location and everything else. But with time you can see the weak points. If I plan another finca vacation, it will be another finca. Perhaps one that is located somewhere by the sea with an appropriate view. However, it remains important for me that nudism is possible.

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  1. Jon says:

    Chrissy, thanks again for another travel report. You’re very helpful to the rest of us. I’m hoping to go to Oasis and Vera Playa next year.


  2. lukasz says:

    ich liebe deine fotos du bist immer noch so schön

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