The Greek gods must have felt the same as in Hotel Vritomartis

The FKK-Hotel Vritomartis is 70 km from Chania Airport.

Heraklion Airport is over 100 km away. The access is a little cumbersome and leeds You through the mountains. But one is compensated by the great location above the coast with a wide view of the blue sea. You live either in the main house, alternatively with sea view or mountain view, as an alternative there are several bungalows with 4 living units all around the large pool, in a well-kept garden.

nudist-hotel vritomartis
nudist-hotel vritomartis

The hotel operates with a “FKK-Light” concept. In the pool area and in the outdoor area, nakedness is common (I have not seen anyone in swimwear). In the interior areas, in the dining rooms and bars clothing is mandatory. In addition, one should not walk around naked after dark.
This means that, if you have a room in the main house, you have to go through the lobby or the bar to get to the outside. So you have to get dressed first and then be able to undress again. This is very annoying. The guests in the bungalows have the better choice. I can understand that nudism is not wanted in the dining rooms, but otherwise you should tolerate nudism everywhere, if you call yourself a “naturist hotel”.
Another tip: take enough cash – here everything is only in cash, credit cards are not accepted. To the money machine you drive into the next town.
As I said, the Vritomartis is rather a “FKK-Light-Hotel“. It allows the guests to lie naked by the pool, but you really do not practice the nude spirit. About the pros and cons of a 24-hour nudist holiday can be discussed for a long time.

The hotel vritomartis greece

The nudist beach belonging to the hotel is reached via a 800 meter long road, downhill.

From the hotel you can walk naked there, or take the hotel bus. On the beach there is a small tavern, which is operated by the hotel. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available at the beach. Here you do not have to wear anything the whole day long, also to the food and drink you can remain naked. The beach is stony but very well maintained, bathing shoes are required. Everything else to the hotel you will also find at the hotel website. ( After the breakfast I always walked naked to the beach with my small backpack, for the return I chose the hotel bus.

nudist-beach of vritomartis

Complimenting I can highly recommend the hotel Vritomartis. Vritomartis is the right choice for nudist lovers who want to spend a more luxurious and peaceful holiday and who do not want to be naked around the clock. The staff is very friendly and takes great care. The food is good and varied. The prices in the hotel and in the area are moderate. A rental car is recommended.
I would be happy to answer your questions, but you will also find a lot of info on

My gallery with all the pictures of my nude holidays in Crete is available on the age-check

nude-pool in vritomartis
walking nude to the beach

Many people do not like it if the people in the dining room and in the bar are also naked. Especially at the buffet they disturb the naked body parts between the food. In essence, this is not true from the hygienic point of view, when people are jumping around the buffet, as many bacteria can be spread. It seems to me to be an aesthetic problem. I want more of a round-the-clock naturist opportunity. These are only available in Cap d’Agde and of course also various camping sites. Why should not you be naked at evening entertainment?
Even if one forbids it in the dining room, why then also on the outside terrace? But as I said, the opinions are very different. But I respect the people who prefer to stick to the dress code when eating.