I visited Menorca for the first time. I must say: – “A wonderful island !” Whether You are a walker or a beachlayer, whether lazybone oder active – everybody will find his favourite ! The best thing – Nudism is possible on lot of beaches without any problems. Have a look on my photos and on my reports !menorca_nudist_infos

Menorca belongs beside Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera to the Balears. It is the most northern of the islands. Menorca is approx.. 50 km long and between 15 and 20 kilometers wide. You can reach comfortably each place of the island in approx.. 30 to 45 minutes by car. Menorca is a very green island. There are lots of forests and meadows. My travel time lay in October. Please considers this with all my reports. In the summer months it may look there completely different, also concerning the nudist-beaches. I made the statement that it was quite free toward Menorca. If You leave the hotel areas, You can swim lay in the sun naked. I saw many Spanish people, who practized nudism.PA090014t

My hotel was situated in Cala Galdana. The hotel was called also in such a way: “hotel Cala Galdana”. The hotel consists of a main house and a so-called “Pueblo”, a village-similar apartment plant. The situation of the hotel was ideal for the investigation of the island. Up to the beach it were approx. 100 meters, whereby I never was there for bathing. Nudism was not possible there. The price for a sunbed = 8 euro, for an umbrella = 5 euro, so very high

The hotel was to a large extent occupied by English guests, same as everywhere on the island. English is spoken everywhere. Also the bills of fare are very much aligned to English public.
In addition, the age cut in the hotel was very high, this may have been because of the travel time.

From my view one reaches best beach from Galdana in approx.. 15 minutes, although the distance is only 3 kilometers on the coast. One must drive from Galdana again back to the main street to Mahon. Then one drives exactly 300 meters on the main street toward Mahon and turn right toward Mitjana/St. Thomas off. After 9 km one reaches the beach of Binigaus/St. Thomas. At the restaurant one turns the car off and turn to the right. After 100 meters/behind the cliff one can take the trunk off. The water is highly clear and the beach drops completely slowly into the sea. One can walk approx.. 800 meters far naked at the beach . I can recommend the restaurant above the beach only for a drink. The meal did not taste to me and was quite expensive.PA100034t

From Galdana one reaches the beaches Cala Mitjana and Cala Macarella by foot in 30 – 45 minutes. The way is quite cumbersome, therefore backpack and good footwear is nescessary. If one means, he would be alone at these beaches, then he is not right. You can reach these beaches also with the car, one finds many people, which look for likewise their dream beach. Nevertheless both bays are very impressive. At both sides lift-off the cliffs steeply, the sand is gold yellow and the water blue. I have seen a man without trunk, probably also nobody it would disturb myself, but actually one did not practice nudism in these bays.PA100073t

You reach the highlight after an adventurous climbing from the Macarella beach to the adjacent Macareletta bay. This bay is no offizieler nudist beach, here it is however custom to undress. If I by the way speak of climbing portion, then probably only for me , others probably laughs so adventurous at the way. In approx. 15 minutes one climbed over the mountain from Macarella to Macareletta. I was twice at this beach. Except me there were still approx. 10-15 other people there. Since also when running by the mountains only few people met, I by the way ran there often completely naked. It did not disturb anybody and one becomes beautifully tanned thereby. You´ll find the pictures only within the private sector after the age check. I am not walker-freak. Other bays, should be still lonelier can be reached by longer marches.

In the travel guide the Cala Mesquida is described as secret nudist possibility. Twice I drove into the bay on the other island side. Both marks was too cold for bathing. This side of the island is exposed to more the north wind and in October often already nothing more for nudist girls. The bay looks very beautiful from above, unfortunately I cannot tell anything about beach-life there.

On Menorca there are two cities, that is once Mahon (Mao) and Ciutadella. Both cities are worth seeing and have an extensive history. There are lot of things to be seen and it is worth walking by the respective lanes.

A port round travel in the port of Mahon, the largest natural harbour is worthwhile itself. There one can see even correct cruise ships and discover much from past times. The port round travel costs 8 euro per person and is recommendable.


The travel time, the autumn is just as ideal. It is not so hot and so any longer full and the sea is still warm. I cannot tell naturally, something about the main season . My selected resort “Cala Galdana” was to ideal to explore around the island. The island works very maintained. Contrary to Mallorca one sees hardly times dirty corners. Everything is green and works much inviting.The level of prices in the restaurants and at the beach is higher than on Mallorca. The island is fully and completely adjusted to British people. If one does not know English, one has difficulties .
I took more than 350 pictures during my vacation. All do not fit to this side. Therefore I provided a separate picture gallery, where you get still many further impressions. Besides I had again some pictures, which are “more generous” You can find them in the the private sector.