Ibiza is an attraction for young people, who like loud beach life and going to discos in the evening


Whoever said, Ibiza “would be paradies for Nudists”, was wrong! Forget the many speeches about free living . In the evening, in old town Ibiza you can see some girls and boys nearly topless and naked however during summer time in the old town Düsseldorf or cologne, you can see more !ibiza2t
There is only one official Nudist-beach on Ibiza called “Es cavallet”. Even here, you have to go about 100 metres to be among naked people. The beach is beautiful, but nothing special-except it is particularly expensive! (2 sunbeds = 10 Pounds/day)
ibiza7tAt the beach-bars you meet the high-society. Resultantly you pay 3 Pounds for a beer
The other beaches are usually very full and loud ! There are only some topless girls as most people wear beach-wear
Another beautiful beach ist the “Salinas-beach”. This is also very expensive and only at the end, where it becomes dirty, do a few naked people use the dunes.ibiza15t
in the evening you can go to ibiza city, which is very interesting.“Seeing and to be seen”, that is the slogan here in the evening ! !
I was very noticeable in my dress !