In may 2009 I visited the spanish town of Barcelona for the second time. Beside many other objects of interest I wanted to visit a Nudist beach there.

In Spain its allowed to be nude in public. It is no longer permitted since 2006. This fact has the consequence that there are no official nudist-beaches in Spain, because You can bath nude on evry beach theoretically. .But in practice its looks however differently.
Barcelona has wonderful beaches, which can be reached by foot from the city. If You turn toward north-east from the Ramblas, the exciting heart of the town, You´ll arrive the beaches after  short time. Behind the olympic sailing-port the beaches begin. On the first beach You´ll find people laying towel by towel. But if You go further You´ll reach after 20 minutes the  “Mar Bella Beach” . It looks completly differnet. This is the unofficial nudist-beach of Barcelona.barcelona_nudist01
Starting at the city centre with the large Columbus-colomn You need about 30 minutes to the Mar Bella Beach. But You can also take a taxi. The price is about 7 Euros. Its a fine sandy beach, flat dropping.  The first impression is very good. There are showers and two bars on the beach. As already said – its not a pure nudist-beach, everybody does what he wants. You can say its clothing optional. When I was there only one further woman was completly nude, but lots of men.  On the first 50 meters of the beach it seems to be a meeting-point for a special scene. There were only men laying side by side. The tendency was strange somewhere. see and beeing seen – no relaxing nudist sun-bathing. For me as a nudist-girl with some experinces is was not a problem to take off, but for beginners it should be a problem. You have the feeling to be on a stage. You know I like this – I walked several times completly nude at the beach line and felt all eyes on my body. Also the beach is not very broad. Many clothed walkers passes the beach and watched me taking a shower. You have the situation that You are standing completly nude under the show and the people on the street are 5 meters from You. This is very crazy.
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The water is very clean and clear. Whether You can sit nude in the bars I cannot say because I didn´t try that. I saw noone in such a way. Perhaps someone has other experiences – please tell us !
In summary I can say that a trip to the Mar Bella beach is worth. After a sightseeing or a shopping tour in the city its a good idea to go to the beach for 2 or 3 hours. I don´t want to spend my whole holidays at this place but its interesting. button01You can find the whole gallery of Barcelona unzensored in the member´s section .