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Working in Dungarees

Today I put on my overalls. have to work in the garden. As every spring-time, my nudist garden must be made beautiful again so that I can enjoy it in summer. The problem is, my big tits don’t fit behind

5 new nudist-videos

Hello my nudist-friends and fans of mine ! Again and again I upload new videos for You in my secured area. Today I upload 5 new nudist-videos : “Finca-Fun” I rented a finca in Mallorca together with some friends. Noone

I am back from Crete

I came back from Crete on Saturday. It was great! Nice weather and extensive naturist possibilities. I will finish my new travel report about Crete in the coming days and will also write a report about the naturist hotel “Vritomartis”.

Naked hiking- and climbing tour

naked climbing hiking

Every year I go on holidays to the South of France A naked climbing- and hiking tour belongs to the obligatory program In the Corbieres, there are many gorges that invite you to a hiking and climbing tour. When I

My summer in Leucate

oasis nudist-resort

Best wishes from my summer in South france. For two weeks I am back in my beloved southern France. Again, the naturist facility “Oasis” is my second home. Since Friday afternoon I am here and I did not even need

Ready for Aqualand sauna

From time to time I take a break from the office. Then I take my leave and go to Cologne, to Aqualand. This week, I was able to enjoy this luxury again. At first, of course, having breakfast at home.

Nude swing

In my garden I installed my old swing. I like it to swing nude ion the sun. I did a nice video of me, swinging nude and upload it to my member-section.

Best wishes from Oasis nudist-resort

Like every year I spend my summer-holidays in the Oasis nudist-resort, in Leucate / France. I am now here since 4 weeks and I will stay for another 2. It is so wonderfull. I must not wear anything, staying nude

Nudist breakfast with girl-friend

My girl-friend “Melissa” visited me for a nudist breakfast. She also like to be nude like me. So we did a nudist breakfast. Just when Melissa arrived, she put her clothes off. I myself I am always nude at home,

Soccer Championship Fan

At the Moment there is a great Event in Europe : the Soccer Championship. I am fan of the german Team and I watch every match on TV. I do this with my Girl-friend Melissa or alone in my garden.

One day in “Aqualand” near Cologne

I spent one nice day in the sauna-park “Aqualand” it is situated near Cologne / Germany. It is a Sauna and a public pool with a large outdoor section. The Sauna is completly clothing optional. You can lay in the