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Now my Mauritius-report is online !

nude in Mauritius

Hello my friends, I worked day and night to get ready with my Mauritius travel-report. I put some sexy photos into the report. You can find the complete gallery in the Member-section. Here is the link to the report

Mauritius – dream holidays – but not for nudists

Mauritius holidays

Mauritius is really a great island ! Anyone traveling to Mauritius dives into another world. Here Africans, Muslims, Hindus and Christians live together peacefully. All the people are friendly. There is a total contrast between poverty and absolute wealth. There

Mauritius, I am coming !

My trip will start today. I will go to Mauritius for 2 weeks. Together with my girl-friend “Melissa” we will look for nice places to be nude. We will not disturb anybody but there is nothing better to be without

Octoberfest is starting now

Ladies, put Your dirnl on and show Your boobs !