Starting to crete now

I will go to Crete / Greece for a nudist-holiday.

My flight will start on Saturday from Brussel to Chania. I booked for the Vritomartis nudist-hotel in the South of Crete.

The weather conditions seem to become good, so I will need no clothes at all. Follow me at Twitter, so You will get actual photos of my trip. After my return I will post a report and lots of photos…

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  1. lukasz says:

    Tell me why I write to you and you do not give a sign of life.
    You know since I saw you I’ve seen your beautiful pictures.
    Something has changed in my life.
    Your photos surprise me.
    amazing appearance of your smooth mature body.
    .I saw a fantastic person in you
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    .Which, yes, turned me the head.
    I fell in love with you, you know.
    yes it is true as you said you need more to love.
    But what has changed in my life is not normal.
    I review all your photos,
    I read your vlogs.
    watching your fantastic journey.
    admiring a fantastic woman
    your body over the years is fantastic.
    Only these movies spoil your image.
    I know you love it, But you know it’s t wrong.
    Tell me, there is a shadow
    The chance of you reading my messages.
    write the answer.
    Could you please answer sometime on twitter?
    I know you said that a lot of people write to you.
    I just want to know if I’m not writing to the wall.
    I know you do not know me.I would like to write i more about himself
    but ,I do not know if it makes any sense.
    I do not know if you are reading my messages.
    And if love is not possible then it can be friendly.
    because i’you are sad when you do not reply

  2. lukasz says:

    How to join WhatsApp to you please give your number

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