One day in Cap d´Agde 2015

banner_cda_20152I was there again for one day on wednesday, 24th of june. I posted it before. From the Oasis-Resort in Leucate I went to Agde. One hour on the road by car, no Problem. At the entrance I had to pay 18 Euros for me and my car. Undressing at the parked car, Shopping nude, then having a coffee in the Calypso-bar at the beach-line. Afterwards entering the swingers-beach on the left. Having a salad in the bar above this beach – I will not go there again, no Relaxing atmosphere and high Prices – normal People without Reservation must take a table without beachview. Those tables are only for Special guests. Not so much Action on the beach, no Police was seen. In the evening I returned to my “normal” Nudist-Resort. It was a very expensive day and I was lucky to spend my main Holidays in another Resort. I took some photos and a Video. Can be seen soon at

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  1. Erick says:

    The first time I went to Cap d’agde was in March 2011. The weather was warmer than in Canada. The problem then only The bars and swinging clubs were open and every one was dressed up.
    I went back for one day in 2013, in August. The naked city was alive. I loved it so much that I booked a two weeks vacation in August 2014, and we going back this year again.
    OK prices are high, but not that high compare to other resorts in The area. I think you have to pay a premium to be able to live naked , in a CITY, with thousands of mind like people.

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