Enjoy the sun in a nudist-resort in march

nudist sun in march

Once a short sun refuel in the south of France

You have to be lucky if you can practice naturism in the South of France in March

But sometimes one can have luck ! I was really lucky this time. From Friday, I flew to the Oasis for 5 days. Ryanair Eindhoven to Girona, 12.99 Euro. I did not need luggage, rental car for 5 days scarcely 100 euros. That was it.
You can afford it.
Every day I was able to enjoy the sun naked in a wind-sheltered place. Of course, there was also shopping for the border to Spain. There were already on the beach promenade 22 degrees. I usually had no desire to wear myself, did not have much clothes. So sometimes I just took off my coat when I left the nudist plant. Of course, again a few beautiful pictures were created.
You can see them in the private area of Nudechrissy.

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