Nudist-summer is here !


The nudist-summer is finally here !

We always wanted it. I’m remebering last year’s crying. Now it’s here, the century nudist summer.

In the last 6 weeks only sun, sun, sun and temperatures around 30 degrees. For us nudist lovers just the right thing. Anyway, I don’t even get dressed in the morning. This year I really enjoy my garden and the nudist pool. If the weather here would always be like this, you wouldn’t even have to go on holiday.

Of course my camera also clicks busy. The nudist galleries and nudist videos from my garden are gradually available at

4 Responses to Nudist-summer is here !

  1. Lampa Was Here says:

    She has nice ass. I downloaded the three pictures which show her ass 🙂 I hate tatoos and that one on her belly is really ugly. Too bad for it.

  2. Looks like some serious fun in the sun!

  3. lukasz says:

    chrissy has no stars

  4. lukasz says:

    I can not find a photo where som

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