She love her fans

Nudechrissy sometimes meets her fans. You can always talk to her and ask for a phote when You see her.

She is never ashamed

Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

She never wears panties and bras

She doos not matter if everybody van see her naked ass und her short skirts

Nude in nature

She often does nude hikes in nature.

Nudechrissy presents everything You want

Follow Nudechrissy and learn something about her Nudist-Lifestyle

Chris never needs any bikini

In nature Chris never needs any bikini

She loves to show her goodies in public

She often flashes her breast in public


New Videos online now !

I have uploaded new videos for my nudist-fans You know that I am absolutely shameless. I’m always naked at home, doing my housework without clothes. When I walk in the woods, I often do that naked. In this video I

I am an office bitch

office bitch

You know I’m an office slut. I’m always very revealing and never wear anything under my blouse. I love being naked in the office when the boss isn’t here. I made new pictures and uploaded them to the members area.

Greetings from France to all my nudist-friends

nudist oasis

During Easter, I am in my second home, southern France. Two weeks long I’m back in the naturist-resort “Oasis” in Leucate. But even here it is not the case at the moment that you could actually run naturist. At daytime

Nudist-resort “the natural Curacao”

natural curacao

For my stay in Curacao I chosed a nudist-resort of course! “The natural Curacao” is situated about 15 minutes from the airport A really noice nudist-resort with bungalows,luxury tents and apartement. The guest are coming from all over thw world.

Travel-Report CURACAO

curacao nudist

You always ask for my newest travel-report of my trip to Curacao. Now I put it online. My travel report about nudism in the carribean In february 2018 I visited Curacao for 10 days With KLM I flight from Amsterdam

Curacao – My first naturist vacation in the caribbean


On Wednesday I came back from Curracao. Unfortunately, I brought a big cold and had to stay in bed. Nevertheless, I hurry to finish my travel report. Of course I want to tell you a lot about my adventures in

Today the carnival celebrations will start

nudist carnival

After my breakfast I will leave to go to the office But it is a special day. It is “Altweiber”, my favourite day. This is the day for the women during carnival-celebration. Most women clothes sexy. I like the nudist-carnival

5 new nudist-videos

Hello my nudist-friends and fans of mine ! Again and again I upload new videos for You in my secured area. Today I upload 5 new nudist-videos : “Finca-Fun” I rented a finca in Mallorca together with some friends. Noone

Dear fans, 6 new Videos online in the members´ area

naked playing with dirt

New Videos online – I am very busy at the moment. It is cold here and I cannot do so many outdoor-action. So I have some time to work with my Videos. My Girl-friend “Melissa” also like to be nude

Many New Videos online now !

I just told You, that I renewed my Member-section. So You have the advantage now, that You can watch also all my hardcore-stuff with Your membership of All videos and galleries aree much better presented and sorted. You will

Happy New 2018

My dear nudist-friends, I wish you all a nice NAKED year 2018 ! Last year, I was able to collect and introduce many impressions of my naturist travels. That should go on like this. In 2018 I will first travel

Merry Christmas to all my nudist-friends

Again, a nudist year comes to an end, again I have experienced many nude adventures and reported on them. I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2018 In 2017, I did many naturist trips and was

New Member site

Hello to all my nudist-friends, I have renewed the member-part of my website. It has a new design and it is much easier to navigate now. After registering fo my new member-section You have access to all my unzensored nudist-videos

New Travel Report “Lanzarote” by Marco

lanzarote nudism

My friend “Marco” send me a new travel-report about Lanzarote. He visited the canary-island in october 2017 and give lots of impressions and Information about the best nust-beaches there. You can find his Report here.

My next nude-trip will be by camping-car

A friend of mine has this pink camping-car. He offers it to me for a trip next year. Of course it will be a nudist-trip. I will start without clothes and I will arrive back without any clothes. Some weeks

Another way to celebrate Halloween

This year I was not at a revealing Halloween party like in the years before. You know that I loveto go to a proper party with a horror costume that does not hide anything. As a show-off naturist I have