She love her fans

Nudechrissy sometimes meets her fans. You can always talk to her and ask for a phote when You see her.

She is never ashamed

Nudechrissy is the first who put her clothes off.

She never wears panties and bras

She doos not matter if everybody van see her naked ass und her short skirts

Nude in nature

She often does nude hikes in nature.

Nudechrissy presents everything You want

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Chris never needs any bikini

In nature Chris never needs any bikini

She loves to show her goodies in public

She often flashes her breast in public


New video : smoking nude

nude smoking

Normally, I do not smoke at all For my fans I smoked a cigarillo on the nudist beach Again and again I was asked if I could not even make a nudist video, in which I naked naked. I did

New Video : Beach-fun

naked beachfun

Together with girlfriend Melissa at nudist beach Completly naked we enjoyed in Mallorca in the water and on the beach One week I was in the autumn last year with Melissa on Mallorca. On Son Serra beach we were able

Video : Look under my skirt

upskirt without panties

I never wear underwear and I love short skirts. Together with my friend Melissa I was during Majorca vacation in the restaurant. We have the camera once under the table to wander and a hot voyeur videos recorded. The video

Enjoy the sun in a nudist-resort in march

nudist sun in march

Once a short sun refuel in the south of France You have to be lucky if you can practice naturism in the South of France in March But sometimes one can have luck ! I was really lucky this time.

Nudist beach La Palma / canaries

la palma nudist

On a day of my canary cruise I was in La Palma. I had read that there should be an official nudist beach on the other side of the island. I was not going to La Palma for the first

Ready for Aqualand sauna

From time to time I take a break from the office. Then I take my leave and go to Cologne, to Aqualand. This week, I was able to enjoy this luxury again. At first, of course, having breakfast at home.

My outfit for Carnival 2017


Every year I look forward to carnival. I usually go to frivolous carnival parties. I have also been on naturist carnival parties several times. Unfortunately there are not so many visitors. Yesterday I was in Düren, at a Joyclub party.

New travel-report “Maspalomas”

nude in Maspalomas

I’m barely back and have already finished my first travel report. I would like to tell you about my great days in Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles I really enjoyed the 5 days. Since I knew how it was in

Next week I will start for Gran Canaria

On wednesday my plane will start to the canary Islands. I hope to spend a wonderful week in the sun. I am looking Forward to the Nudist beach of Maspalomas. When the sun is shining I will leave my clothes

The new Nudist-season is starting now

Stress in my nudist-office Christmas and New Year are over now. Then there is always a lot going on in my nude office Many, many mails will be answered. With most nudist friends now starts the travel planning for the

Merry Christmas 2016

Wishing Merry Christmas to all my Nudist-friends I hope, You all can spend Christmas at a safe place this year. The times are not so good at the Moment. Allthough I wish , You can spend a peaceful time with

Christmas Bakery

My personal christmas-bakery is a nude-bakery. I am always nude at home. So I also do the baking without any clothes. Come in an try my suits. I will post the complete gallery in the member-section.

Christmas Gallery 2016

Together with my girl-friend “Melissa” I took some hot and sexy christmas-photos. They are a little more hotter than the ones of the years before. Melissa tried to put some christmas jewelry at my piercings. I hope, You will like

All Mallorca Galleries online

I have uploaded all my nudist-galleries and videos opf my stay in Mallorca, in october 2016. You will find them in my member-section of this site. I spent one week, together with my girl-friend “Melissa”. We visited the nudist-beaches but

My first Mallorca Gallery is online !

One week nudist holidays in Mallorca Mallorca in october is a good chance to have some sun at the end of thge season I told You that I spent a nice week in Mallorca. I enjoyed the nudist-beaches and had

Searching for my halloween-outfit

Halloween is coming soon Halloween will come soon. From year to year more people celebrate the halloween-night. Also for nudists there are special parties with open minded people. I took the photos of the last years parties to get some