what to do when the car breaks down ?

Car breakdown at 30 degrees heat

In the Corbieres, in France with the car on the way. It is summer and over 30 degrees. I am on my way to a great waterfall. My outfit is tighter and tighter.

But then it happens: the car is boiling, the radiator has lost its spirit – breakdown.repair it yourself – no chance. So try to stop another car and ask for help. Since I have no inhibitions in this regard as a nudist girl, I used a few other “arguments” to “keep my thumb out”. That worked. A nice man could help me. After a few hand movements the hose of my cooler was screwed again. There was new cooling water in the brook next door. With a coffee in the restaurant I thanked for the nice help.
Of course I also had no clothes to change with me. After all, I was prepared for a naked day at the waterfall. My skirt was so short that even with a lot of pulling and plucking nothing could be covered. That was then even for me, which I am already quite ripped off in the matter of nudity, a difficult number. But head up, butt outstretched and through !

Then I sat down down there almost naked in a normal cafe with many older men and have slurped my latte. But I was not arrested and all men were very nice and courteous to me. If I had any other problems, because nobody wanted to understand my English with a few French chunks, the communication was suddenly easy. Maybe I should always go to the restaurant with my bare ass…

2 Responses to what to do when the car breaks down ?

  1. lukasz says:

    You look so cute that I would like to see you

  2. Guus says:

    Wow, really sucks when your car breaks down. But you sure made some men very happy indeed.
    Do you always go commando?

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