Mauritius – dream holidays – but not for nudists

Mauritius holidays

Mauritius is really a great island !

Anyone traveling to Mauritius dives into another world.

Here Africans, Muslims, Hindus and Christians live together peacefully. All the people are friendly. There is a total contrast between poverty and absolute wealth. There is a great, green landscape with white dream beaches … only “nude” is not a topic and frowned upon. Even women who are “topless” at the beach, I have not seen. Maybe this is different in the big hotels, on the beaches that I’ve visited, a bikini was duty program. Of course I will write a detailed report. Of course I managed to drop the sleeves for a few photos. I took a total of 800 pictures and there will be some videos. There were two exclusive boat trips to isolated islands. But everything else later …. Give me a few days to get back home.

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