2 weeks at a nudist finca in Mallorca


Nudist holidays at a typical Mallorcan finca

I hadn’t imagined it so wonderfully. After my return from Mallorca I can say: Renting a finca in Mallorca is simply great ! Totally informal and unclothed in the great outdoors with pool and typical Mallorcan style

You just have to ask about the situation and know if the owner will tolerate it. We were at the finca with 8 people. We had previously agreed that if the weather allowed it, we would always be naked, so by the pool, in the kitchen, by the grill, just about anywhere. We women agreed there was no underwear or bikini in the suitcase. We had booked the finca through a local friend. We knew that he wouldn’t mind if his guests were nudists. The Finca area was huge and lay on a hill. I could really move around naked all day. I have also often left the finca and have taken small walks in the nature. Of course, this also worked stark naked. Unfortunately it was not quite so warm in the first week. Sometimes a cool wind blew and a jacket was necessary. When we left the Finca, be it to the ballerina or in the evening for dinner or to the market, only a super short dress was thrown over. Then one looked forward already again to the return to the Finca, so that one could take off this again. The finca was very well furnished. I had two great weeks with nudism, sex and lots of fun.

I will of course report further to you in the following days and weeks. For example, I rode a quad naked. Of course I was again at different nudist beaches. I report from restaurant recommendations and show you many many impressions of the naked life on our Finca. Give me a little time to view and edit everything.

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  1. chris says:

    To ride nude with a quad was always in my mind. We rented 3 quads in Alcudia. At first we did a normal trip to some beaches, then we went to our finca. The land arround the finca was so big that there were some ways whre no normal car could drive. There I did a completly nude ride. A friend followed me with an action cam. I will upload the video soon.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Chrissy
    I would love to know more, I ride quad bikes all the time Nude as I live on a farm.

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